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Luffy Drawing Doesn’t Have To Be Hard Read These Tips

 Monkey D. Luffy Drawing

Today, I will teach you how to draw Monkey D. Luffy from the ultra-popular manga/anime. Luffy Drawing is very interested. One Piece. Luffy is a pirate and the main character of One Piece. He is on a never-ending quest to find treasure and become the Pirate King. So without further intro, grab your pencil, and let’s learn how to draw Luffy!

Step 1 Draw a Head

 As always, let’s start with the head. First, we outline a round end and draw two intersecting lines on top. To get Luffy started, we will first need to draw a circle for his head and a half-circle shape underneath that for his shoulders. Divide the head into four sections, as shown in the image. That will help us place Luffy’s features correctly on his face. You can also learn how to draw spiderman.

Step 2:Draw chin 

Next, outline the body’s contours, arms, and legs, as shown in our example. Draw Luffy’s small triangular chin, and give him an ear that sits right below the horizontal line of his face.

Step 3: Draw mouth

Now using clear lines, draw round eyes, smiley mouth, triangular nose, and eyebrows. Along the bottom edge of the circle, draw Luffy Drawing smiling mouth. Inside his mouth, draw a little squiggly line for his teeth.

Step 4: Draw Eyes 

Give Luffy two large round eyes, and draw a small triangular line in the center of his face for his nose.

Step 5: Draw pupil

To finish Luffy’s face, draw a tiny pupil in each eye, a thin line above each eye for an eyebrow, and a small scar underneath his left eye Luffy Drawing. Now the contours of the messy face, ears, and hair. A straw hat and go to step number six.

Step 6: draw two large ovals.

Add contours of tangled hair, famous hat, and face details. Outline the outer contours of the vest and pants. Next, we will need to draw two large ovals on Luffy’s head to form his hat.

Step 7: Draw spikes of Hair.

Draw several spikes of hair beneath Luffy’s hat, hanging around his face.

Step 8: Draw neck and Jacket

Draw the abs on the body, collarbones, and a crosshair in the chest area, buttons, and fists Luffy Drawing. The direction of the folds of the belt and shorts, as in the above example. They can be different lengths but in the right direction. Outline Luffy’s neck and his Jacket.

Step 9: Draw Arms 

Now let’s draw the upper part of the body. Draw the body, waistcoat, and arms using clear, light lines. We will need to draw a sizeable round shape sitting near Face for Luffy’s arm. In this pose, we will be drawing Luffy’s handheld up into a fist near his head. Articlewine

Step 10: Draw Luffy’s knuckles

Follow the round shape you drew in the last step, and outline Luffy’s knuckles and give him a few lines to define the bones of his hand.

Step 11 Draw Muscles

To finish Luffy, draw a few lines to define his chest and torso muscles and a few wrinkles in his vest.

Step 12 Conclusion

Finally, color Luffy with some red for his vest, a yellow hat, and a peach tone for his skin, and he’s all done. Ready to go back on his quest to become the pirate king! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on drawing Monkey D. Luffy — I had a blast making it for you. Don’t forget to share this tutorial on social media, and come back for plenty more. Happy Luffy Drawing!

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