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MageNet Review: Earn Money from Website with Ads

Content-based advertising is one of the most popular forms of advertising. In this way, the advertisements are able to provide detailed information about the product or service they sell. The ads do not personalize themselves based on the viewer’s behavior, but show the viewer the products or services based on what the viewer reads. Content-based advertising is a great and efficient way to boost small business sales. It is when ads are placed on the site based on content and not ads. 

We tried Magenet and found that it is one of the most reliable platforms to monetize your blog and protect it from the Panda and Penguin algorithms from Google. It adds relevant ads, great security, and you have a lot of customization features. It gives you an ideal chance to win more from your website. Today we will discuss the features of the platform, how it works and how you can influence your income, its advantages and disadvantages and why you should try it. You can adapt your website to work without income and advertise valid promotions for your substance.  

That sounds unbelievable, but something is not quite right. In this article we will give a definitive direction of the main characteristics of Magenet. You will record how Magenet can be achieved in a few steps, and voila, the primary benefit for you. We start with the first step, based on how to start with Magennet. 

How MageNet Works?

Magenet also makes content-based ads available to its users. These ads are not malicious, and Google does not consider them harmful.  

You can make money by placing advertisements on your website. When a user wants to buy a link, the plugin places the link and arranges the text in such a way that search engines will not annoy the user’s experience when they look at your website. 


Magenet is equipped with many features. In order to access its features and make money with ads, you need to follow a few simple steps and you will be ready to earn. Here are some of the best features of Magenet. You can apply it to any site that depends not only on WordPress, but also on other types of engines. 

They also allow you to select the range and size of ads to be placed on your website. You also have a new plugin called Article that publishes articles for you. All you have to do is install the plugin and they will do the rest.  

Magenet gives you the opportunity to earn more by improving the quality of your website. You have introduced an algorithm to calculate the quality and rank of your websites based on various parameters. 

The parameters are size of the site, score, PA score, IP score, DA score and competition. If you score higher in one of these categories, you will receive more bonuses.  

You can add as many websites as you like. You can have up to two plugins and you can post tasks. All you have to do is write 500 characters.  

All you have to do is send the URL of your page to them to join the platform. Websites are checked for seven days. You can only place ads if they are approved.  

You want to know the value of the ads you place on your website. To help you with this, Magenet has developed a tool that helps you calculate the values of your websites. It will also help you set a price range for your advertisers to make sure that you don’t ask too much or too little of them. 

Reasons for Using MageNet

Here are some reasons why you should try it. We used Magenet and were very satisfied.   

There are several ways to make money. You can make money by using website monetization, referral programs and article monetization.   

It is also compatible with Google Adsense. The better your website, the more you earn. Adsense is working on a pay-per-click model where you get a fixed price per month. You can also earn up to $150 in additional bonuses per month if you create high quality content.   

You can select which ads you want to show. The ad selection, negotiation and placement is done by Magenet itself with the help of a plugin. They are actively supported by their team.  

The payment system is transparent and you have full access to information about your income. They deliver payments via PayPal so you can earn where you live. You will receive a free calculator to help you calculate the value of your website. You can analyze the data and make any desired changes to get more advertisers to your site. 

Get started with Magenet

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