Material Handling Automation System Boosts Production and Performance

Material handling is often described as the storage, movement, protection, and control of materials. Those materials include products and goods involved in the overall process of manufacturing, disposal, and consumption. Material Handling Software is responsible for the distribution of equipment for manufacturing and essential services to create a WMS solution. These solutions include pallet racks, shelves, conveyors, AGVs, and others to establish more effective automated systems. Material Handling Automation provides many extraordinary benefits such as reduction in costs and improved throughput of materials.

Why Material Handling Automation is Essential?

Advanced equipment such as AMRs and the Industrial IoT are 2 key technologies needed to put this concept into reality. MWI is one of the best solution providers offering the best integrated automated material handling systems for various organizations. So, you should find a company that understands your specific requirements essential for an Automated Material Handling solution. The right WMS solution provider like MWI will provide the perfect software for the necessary equipment handling environment and facility. Manufacturers are always under pressure but they don’t need to compromise the quality to complete their work.

Most manufacturers experience some common challenges, including;

  • SKU Proliferation: It is an increase in a variety of SKUs which need more storage options and product picking locations.
  • Shipping Packages: Modern customer demands are rapidly changing toward smaller units of measures. Most of them need full cases instead of full pallets and individual pieces instead of full cases, etc.
  • Changes in Delivery & Service: Most customers are now placing orders with shorter cutoff times and quicker deliveries of products with higher levels of service.
  • Professional Workforce: Businesses of distribution or warehouses are looking for ways to overcome issues with acquiring and maintaining a professional and quality workforce.
  • Distribution Network Change: More rapid change in consumer demands needs to reshape the supply chain and distribution network. It requires more dedicated objectives such as smaller distribution centers near to customer’s location.

Key Benefits of Material Handling Implementation

Material Handling Solutions offer many extraordinary functions and some of the key benefits are following:

Labor Management Improvement:

The improvement in labor-management is one of the key benefits of the material handling automation solution during overall activities. However, moving material from a store to a manufacturing site is not always a high-value operation. Manufacturers can complete their work with the help of SDVs and assign their labor more high-value tasks instead of routine processes. Material Handling Technology enables them to decrease the number of employees or workforce to finish their job. They can finalize their products in a significantly less amount of time without spending more cost on labor.

Manufacturing KPIs:

Most effective plant-connected technology provides real-time access to all information. Manufacturers can gather and share information in the critical first stage. It enables them to monitor and analyze the full manufacturing lifecycle and benchmarks more established complete KPIs.

Better Factory Connection:

More efficient Material Handling Equipment also enables manufacturers to connect and manage their entire factory in a much better way. Manufacturers can connect tons of automated machinery and can manage their functionalities more efficiently. They can easily send and receive information and manage their operations after the implementation of an automated system. It will enable different departments to meet their predefined deadlines and make changes for much better performance.

Flexibility in Manufacturing:

An efficient material handling solution also offers flexibility in the manufacturing process. Manufacturers can create a flexible working environment after accessing correct data and information. They can use the information to predict the right time and location to efficiently deliver some materials. It helps to coordinate different team members to save time and cost.

Enhanced Customer Experience:

The implementation of Material Handling Systems provides help during the manufacturing process and supports businesses for the long term. Every company needs to provide the best possible experience to its customers. A perfect material handling solution can speed up the manufacturing process and improves the manufacturing quality. The solution enables manufacturers to provide much better products and efficiently save a handsome amount of time and money.

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