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Many medical marketing strategies are possible to apply to clinics, hospitals, and marketing to dentists. Among them, few are as efficient in the long run as having a website with a blog.

In addition to helping publicize the business, the blog improves the number of hits and even brings more appointments. Want to understand exactly how medical marketing and dental marketing companies use blogs to improve healthcare business? Just keep reading!

Is a Blog Effective in Medical Marketing?

Chances are you’ve heard recommendations regarding using blog posts for digital marketing. But is he worth it? Deciding this before you start is important because working with a blog can be complex.

In addition to finding time to write the articles, the responsible professional needs to know at least a little bit of SEO (search engine optimization), digital marketing, and trends in the area. It will help if you were also responsible for editing images to include in posts and conducting the publication routinely.

Now the question remains: should a health professional dedicate his precious time to this type of health marketing action? Certainly! Read on to understand the main benefits of having a blog.

Reasons to include a blog in medical and dental marketing.

We assure you that your digital work is not complete without a good blog. But, with planning and strategy, he will make a difference in the results of any hospital or clinic. Check out the top 5 reasons to invest in this digital marketing strategy for healthcare.

Help potential patients find you

Those who have worked in the healthcare field for a few years have noticed a subtle change in clients’ behavior. Before, many came from referrals from family and friends. But today, what seems to indicate more is Google and social networks.

Studies indicate that more than 94% of Brazilians search the internet related to health. Searches range from symptoms of common conditions to possible treatments, questions about the surgery, and, of course, where to find specialists.

Many patients even perform “self-diagnosis,” deciding whether or not they have a certain condition, considering only articles. Only after they are sure which specialist to look for do they pick up the phone and get in touch to make an appointment.

What does this have to do with digital marketing strategies for medical offices? First, blogs with well-optimized posts appear more often in search engine results.

That is, when a possible patient does a search related to your area, he will be able to find your clinic, hospital, or dental clinic by the keywords you choose to put in your content.

Makes the healthcare professional more accessible

Before starting to work your marketing with a blog, research other articles in your area. How are they written? Depending on the digital marketing knowledge of the person who wrote it, the content is likely to be rich in technical terms and difficult to understand.

Although it seems like a way to show technical knowledge at first glance, this is the best way to scare away the future customer. In addition, clinics and hospitals can use blogs to make their content more accessible to the public.

Simplifying medical terminology and translating medical language gives patients peace of mind when seeking professional help. Make your text simpler and more understandable to win over your customer.

The process of finding a healthcare professional can be complex and daunting. Therefore, an easy-to-understand text simplifies everything. In addition, more trust in the institution that published the blog increases the chances of an appointment.

Humanizes the medical specialty

Even though the blog is very efficient for medical marketing, there are already great portals for general knowledge where a possible patient can find answers. Unfortunately, something like Wikipedia always seems to compete with regular blog posts. However, don’t take this as a reason to give up.

Articles on digital marketing for doctors and marketing for dentists should be written in a humanized way. Therefore, each of them contains specific clinic or hospital experiences that help bring the client closer. Talking more about your specialty or clinic technologies, for example, adds value to the article.

Another great difference is in the answers that your text tries to give to the patient’s precise doubts. When he wants to know “What are heart attacks,” be sure he will find the answer on Wikipedia. Your blog will be used for something closer, such as heart treatments; novelties in cardiac treatment; tips to improve the well-being of cardiac individuals; etc.

Increases the amount of information available in hospital marketing

Your website is a valuable source of information for patients, family members, and other prospective customers. It is there that most people find information, such as specialties, telephone, Whatsapp, and insurance plans. What if there was a way to increase the information available?

The answer is simple: invest in a good blog. When debating topics related to the specialty area of ​​the clinic or hospital, it is possible to include much more data about your business. From disclosing all conditions met to specific treatments and technologies.

All this gets space inside a blog. If it is well written, the professional also builds his reputation. In addition to disseminating more about their work, it becomes a reference in the area.

That’s the power of blogging, both for doctors and marketing for dentists. It is a way to attract patients and even recommendations from other professionals who come to understand more about your business.

Improves traffic to your website

Even the best design that a hospital or clinic website has is of little help without a good job of content to generate more hits. Your blog posts will be used in marketing to doctors bringing more keywords to the page.

Thus, more searches start to display the site as a result. The more clicks on such investigations, the greater the number of hits. This strategy is excellent for increasing brand awareness and driving more conversions.

Of course, for this, you need to select the most relevant keywords for your business. We’ll talk more about this later. Keep reading to understand more.


How to start your blog for medical marketing and marketing for dentists?

55% of marketers consider blogging as their top priority. Digital marketing companies know that using articles increases the chance of having a positive ROI (return on investment) by 13 times.

Healthcare businesses looking to ramp up their marketing can start investing in blogging today. We brought some tips for those who want to start writing according to medical marketing and dentist marketing strategies but still have doubts.

Check out a simple step-by-step guide to getting results through blogging content marketing. After following it, your digital marketing strategies’ chances of success will greatly increase.

Choose relevant marketing topics for dentists and doctors

The first step to being successful in medical marketing and marketing for dentists is knowing what to write about to attract patients. Writing articles only about what the health professional is most interested in may be a bad way to start.

The ideal is to find topics that interest the patient. Of course, there are digital marketing tools to find hot topics right now. But the active health professional has a great advantage: constant contact with the patient.

In his office, it is common to hear repeated doubts and interests of each. Use this knowledge to establish what to cover in blog articles. Answering a common question helps your customer solve a problem and attracts others with the same question.

It’s much more efficient than tackling a general topic that dozens of other articles have mentioned.

Depending on the specialty, it is also interesting to include posts that may draw the attention of other doctors or dentists, especially if the professional’s specialty also depends on the recommendation of colleagues. Subjects such as quality of life, tips to improve disease symptoms, and more information about procedures performed can also attract new patients.

If you get more information about healthcare marketing visit here

Define important keywords

Keywords are terms used in search engines to find the most relevant results. When designing a strategy for health practices and businesses, it is important to find the ones that best match the audience and objective.

They must be included within each text created so that the tool can recognize them and drive traffic to that result. To know if the article solves the user’s doubt, Google uses a series of factors to perform an analysis.

The good use of keywords improves the positioning of the article and, consequently, the number of hits. However, there is no point in including the search term dozens of times in an attempt to rank well.

Search engines are getting more and more sophisticated. As a result, they can recognize keyword overkill for marketing purposes only. Unfortunately, this type of text generates punishments for the site instead of bringing benefits.

Use the chosen terms organically in the text, creating value and adding more to dentists’ medical marketing or marketing strategy.

Create an editorial calendar for your medical marketing

Some hospitals and clinics even get off to a good start with the blogging strategy. They select interesting articles, optimize the texts and publish several excellent posts. But after a while, the posts start to space out until they are posted infrequently.

This is one of the biggest mistakes in digital marketing. Without frequency, it is very difficult to keep an audience captivated. Even worse: search engines fail to prioritize your articles among the top results.

The further your results in searches, the less chance you have of getting a click. Therefore, maintaining consistency is essential.

To achieve this, we recommend creating an editorial calendar. It defines topics to be covered in articles and their respective posting dates. Create it according to your availability for the month, quarter, semester, or year.

After establishing all the themes that are part of the planning, all you have to do is get your hands dirty and produce. Try to keep blog posts regularly to reap the best possible results from them.

Write in an audience-friendly manner

Did you know that blog posts can have multiple formats? There are articles in lists, others in the form of FAQs (ask questions), infographics, and even intros for videos.

Developing a digital marketing plan, including marketing for dentists, means choosing the best format for your audience. Many people on the inter go straight through an article that is excessively long and has dense paragraphs.

Breaking the post into short paragraphs is the best way to keep the reading from getting tiring. This also facilitates speed reading, a technique many Internet users use before deciding whether it is worth devoting a little valuable time to reading.

After dividing into paragraphs, break your article into subheadings. They are useful for optimizing the article for search engines and making it easier to navigate through the text. Make it clear in each of them what the theme of the section is to improve the user experience.

Include links and photos

Textbooks have used images as a means of aiding understanding for decades. This is something blog posts can use to their advantage. Including photos, infographics and images create a breathing space in the text and adds more information to the material.

Therefore, the article becomes easier and more comfortable to read (especially on mobile devices) and understand.

Linking is another important tool to use in medical marketing and marketing to dentists. Include your references throughout the text. They serve to support the argument and also improve the quality of the article in the eyes of search engines.

It is possible to utilize the links to direct the content to a different blog post. Thus increasing the user’s permanence time on the page. Help the prospective patient navigate and find even more relevant information using the technique.

Working with blogging in your strategy isn’t always straightforward, but the results are promising. If you still have doubts or are unsure if you can create articles with adequate frequency, look for a digital marketing consultancy. Professionals specialized in the area are a great solution to apply the strategy with even more certainty of good results.

Content tips to include in your medical marketing

Are you trying to start producing blog content for your clinic or dental office? In that case, it will be important to start creating an editorial calendar with relevant topics for your target audience.

To help you out, we’ve brought some tips on topics that are often quite popular in medical marketing. Of course, you will still need to adapt them to your reality and that of your patients. But it already helps to get the work started. So read on to check out all the tips below.

Specialist or clinic history

The term storytelling is getting increasingly popular in the field of digital marketing for clinics, and there is a good reason for this. People connect with stories, making your marketing more efficient and humanized as you use them.

Therefore, we recommend applying this strategy in the form of stories from the clinic, the hospital, or even the specialists who work there. Telling how your business has worked daily to contribute to many people’s health helps build trust and still shows a track record of success.

We can even argue that this can be one of the differentiators of your medical marketing blog. After all, there are thousands of posts about diseases, symptoms, and treatments online. So why should patients choose to read yours? But, of course, this does not exclude this type of post, and we will talk about it later.

Show available technology in your medical marketing

As health becomes more discussed, patients seek spaces that offer more advantages for their treatment. It’s no use having a friendly specialist and a comfortable space, and it’s necessary to have the equipment, exams, and all kinds of complementary therapy possible.

Does your space have this type of compliment? We guarantee that many patients and potential patients are unaware of this! Often, we focus so much on specialties when working on marketing that we forget that equipment, technology, and exams are also involved in medical clinic management.

The tip here is to merge the content type. For example, keep a larger number of publications on topics directly interested in the public, such as asking questions about symptoms, with some publications on technology topics.

Humanize the content

People miss human warmth in the digital age. Taking a warm hug from a patient through the screen may not be possible, but we managed to make communication much more human. It all starts with the language, which must be simple and accessible to all readers.

In addition, it is a great tactic to include your specialists and professionals to get everything closer to the possible patient. Encouraging them to write and include explainer videos and photos in posts makes blogging even more efficient.

Best of all, it improves the user experience while browsing the site.

Useful health information for your audience

We arrived at them: the famous newsletters, tutorials, step by step, among other common topics in health that we end up talking about from time to time. So many online searches end up in these results, so it’s important to have them on your blog.

Topics such as these include:

  • How to relieve headaches;
  • Tips to prevent low back pain;
  • Step by step to avoid hypertension throughout life;
  • Others.

The idea is to inform our patients about achieving a better quality of life through healthy habits. Ideally, these blog articles should be quick to read, with short topics and without overly technical text.

Target audiences, not healthcare professionals, generally use these search terms. Therefore, you need not worry about colliding with other professionals.

Specialties of the medical or dental clinic

When we start a marketing strategy on the clinic blog, we want positions for keywords mainly related to specialties. Therefore, also include publications that explain in-depth about each one out there.

Each post will help with SEO positioning and will also be excellent in ensuring that your potential patients answer all their questions. In addition, quality content helps to improve your positioning in search engines and increases the chances of getting a new appointment.

Information about diseases, procedures, and surgeries

Of course, informative posts about diseases, symptoms, procedures, and surgeries could not be missing. For example, everyone wants to know how arthritis, gastritis, or migraine is treated. Therefore, disease-related terms are also quite popular and serve as a “gateway” to your website.

Take the opportunity to use these articles to build your authority. While many articles on the internet present disjointed and unreliable information, you have the chance to demonstrate how much your experts know about the subject with quality information.

How to increase blog reach with medical marketing?

Your reach may remain low even after all the work to create a blog and feed it with content. It’s normal. Medical SEO Services start to have an effect in the medium and long term. Therefore, we need to combine the blog with paid advertising and social networks to achieve results with greater speed.

Share articles on social networks

After publication, share the article link on social media. It’s a simple and quick way to let people know who are already interested in your content that something new has come out to get access and show Google that your page is user-friendly.

Sharing links across networks may not help SEO directly, but it does improve hits and time on-page. This, consequently, generates positive results for the entire strategy. In addition, bringing potential patients from social networks to the site is a way to help them move through their purchase journey, getting closer to the appointment.

Exchange links with other medical marketing sites

Did you know that Google considers links from other sites that lead to your address? That is, we need to get backlinks, as the digital marketing agency calls this link, for your blog article to gain better positions in the tool.

The partnership must be made with sites related to the page’s theme. Therefore, we can look for websites of clinics, health, and aesthetic centers, and nutrition, among others, to guarantee the links that are so essential.

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