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Mixed Reality is changing content marketing in new world

Today, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), 3D Animations, 360 videos are transforming the look and feel of content marketing. These technologies are together offering great visual experience to audiences. Let’s see how content marketing is changing itself with Mixed Reality (MR) and how you can adapt it in your business? 

Why it’s trending? 

AR/VR offers immersive experiences and interactive content solutions. The technology is capable of holding the full attention of customers and encouraging them to take further action. Nowadays,  Mixed Reality is widely used in healthcare, general manufacturing, e-commerce, and training purposes.  

How companies are applying AR/VR in marketing 

  1. For presenting products: Many companies are using AR/VR to launch their products. While introducing a new product AR/VR helps companies generate a high level of excitement and rich experience among the audience. Animated videos explain things in an eye-catchy and simple manner, and customers can experience using the product before they buy. Realistic experience of using products through AR/VR helped many companies to grow sales.  
  1. For HR training: Mixed Reality generates realistic simulations. Organizations are using AR/VR as a training tool to train their marketing force and other employees. Artificial sales environment, interviews and meeting simulations grows skills into human resource. 

mixed reality

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  1. For customer education: 360 videos and Mixed Reality helps companies to educate their customer base about handling products, maintenance, and repairs. With this technology company can offer excellent after-sales services, and customers don’t have to wait for so long to get after-sales service.  
  1. To understand customer behavior: Interactive contents like games and quizzes help companies understand customer behavior, which can improve their marketing strategy in return. Customer participation in interactive content also helps in gathering valuable data and analytics to study after.  

Who will help you to adopt AR/VR in your marketing process? 

Many companies hire professional content production agencies to develop AR/VR solutions. This production agency will understand your goals, develops scripts and designs, and help you to implement that solution into your marketing process. Ethosh digital, Inc is one of the best content production agencies in the USA. They offer you immersive and interactive digital content at scale, cost advantage, and agility.  

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Why should you hire a professional digital content agency? 

  • The professional agency has the experience to develop unique strategies along with creative content. 
  • They can provide you an easy solution for all your goals and demands. Also, they can tackle technical difficulties during execution.  
  • There will be no need to hire designers, developers, and strategists separately, as the agency will have all the resources for all your needs. 
  • They can train your sales and marketing force to use the solutions efficiently. 
  • The agency will timely review to analyze the campaign results and suggest a further change in the course of action. 




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