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Clothing, habits and customs in Morocco

Even though Morocco is a country that is growing fast and opening up more and more to the western lifestyle. Do not forget that it is a very traditional nation and this is reflected especially in clothing. Especially away from the big cities. Moroccans are tolerant and hospitable but we advise tourists to pay attention to what they decide to wear and not to put any skimpy clothes in their suitcases at all while as far as shorts and t-shirts are concerned it is good to keep in mind that legs and shoulders are considered intimate parts of the body and in most Moroccan cities both men and women should cover these areas.

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Young Moroccan women may also choose not to wear the veil but it is respectful to cover from for men from elbow to knee, and women who have not properly covered risk harassment especially in small towns and although some women tend to like more modern clothing, such as short-sleeved shirts and knee-length skirts. We advise against this trend. Both sexes should avoid tank tops, t-shirts and shorts as well as tight clothing. If a man approaches you in a slightly too friendly way, however, always try to be polite and formal. If the man crosses the line, make a scene by shouting Shooma, which means shame on you. In doing so, other people will come to your rescue.


Even if Morocco is a country that is growing fast and is opening more and more to the western lifestyle. Morocco remains a very traditional nation and this is reflected above all in the clothing. Typical Moroccan clothes are: the “jellaba”, a tunic long to the feet, in solid colour with embroideries of the same colour; the headgear for men is the “Fokia” and the “Drra” for women. Men also wear particular “slippers” called “Belga”. on occasions of festivities women characteristic is the “hijab”. The veil that frames the faces of women. Morocco does not live by a strong Islamic law and women are, in most cases, free to choose to wear the hijab or not. they choose it to match the dress, always very rich and decorated, and is a beauty accessory.

Women in Morocco

Although Morocco is a fairly safe and quiet country even for women travelling alone, we recommend that you take a minimum of precautions to spend your vacation without unwanted attention from Moroccan men. Do not pack short dresses and particularly tight T-shirts. They didn’t recommend garments especially if you want to explore the Medinas. Dress modestly and prefer jeans and skirts above the knee, long-sleeved blouses or that leave your arms covered. Show a lot of self-confidence in order to discourage any would-be suitors. If you feel that someone has crossed the line, Contact the Brigade Touristique.

Homosexuality in Morocco

Morocco has a male-dominated culture, with strict gender roles, and although homosexuality is considered a crime, with prison sentences of up to three years, plus a fine for “obscene or unnatural acts with a person of the same sex,” Morocco is a popular destination for gay travellers. In fact, tolerance is high given also the huge amount of money that comes into Moroccan pockets from tourists and some of the Berber tribes like the Atlas Chleuh for example, are known to be particularly tolerant of homosexual behaviour. Lesbianism is relatively rare and certainly not recognized, as it is considered a weakness of women. We recommend discretion during your trip to Morocco, avoiding public displays of affection as this is frowned upon even by a heterosexual couple. Gay-friendly destinations are Tangier and Marrakech where many French gay couples live.

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