Most Common Door Locks Problems

Homeowners should prioritize the security of their loved ones and valuables, but they often overlook door locks until something goes wrong.

There are a few door lock problems which you without a doubt can’t have enough money to ignore. Door lock issues can leave your security vulnerable and open to attack in some cases. Before we begin, allow me to restate. Do not disregard any of the door lock issues discussed below.

Here are some of the most common door lock issues that can be inconvenient and eventually lead to costly Car Key Replacement.

Door Lock

This issue could be caused by the mechanism itself. Remove the door lock and inspect the mechanism for any small worn or fallen parts if you are confident in your understanding of how a door mechanism works.

If you are having trouble repairing a door lock mechanism, we can dispatch one of our locksmiths to your location. To avoid causing further damage to your Door Hardware Service, we recommend that you consult with one of our locksmiths in Leeds. If all else fails, we’ll be able to easily fix this problem with a new lock.

Slow door locks

The accumulation of dirt or grime in your locks can cause stiffened or slow door locks.

Misaligned door latch

In some cases, the latch does not catch the strike plate. Simply put, a door with this problem does not close properly or smoothly. If the door latch does not catch the strike plate, closing or locking the door properly will be difficult.  There are several ways to address this minor issue, such as adjusting the strike plate or generally deepening the plate. 

Turning Lock Cylinder

You should be able to lock or unlock your door by inserting your key into the  cylinder and turning it. If, however, you insert the key and the entire lock cylinder turns, you have a larger problem that needs to be addressed. Out of all the  issues discussed, this is probably the easiest to diagnose, but it is not always the simplest.

If the entire lock cylinder is turning, it usually indicates a damaged or loose set screw. This section may sound similar to the first door lock problem discussed, but it is simply a more focused focus. The set screw must be accessed and tightened to resolve this issue.

This may appear to be a simple solution, but it varies due to the numerous that can be used. Some of the best front , for example, are a combination of mortise locks and deadbolts. The same idea holds true for some of the most common types of commercial door locks.

The Lock Does Not Work

l. It is possible to remove the lock and try to locate the source of the problem, but most of the time it is not even worth attempting to repair. New locks are cheap, and our South Shore Locksmiths will replace them as soon as possible!

Faulty door mechanism

Excessive use or infrequent use (believe it or not) can cause these mechanisms to fail or become stuck.

To avoid lockouts, it is always a good idea to check  on a regular basis and to contact our Leeds locksmith team if you have any  issues. Typically, the shows signs of wear or breakage before anything happens. It can, however, still break at random and when least expected.

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