Nodejs Development : Pros and Cons for your business?

While developing web and mobile apps nodejs development is widely used for its server-side programming features. Although javascript was the most used framework for developing mobile and web applications recently its usage with nodejs has rapidly increased.

Node.js itself is not a framework or a library, but a runtime environment, based on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. After its introduction in 2009, it has gained enormous applauds for the desired way to develop web and mobile apps. 

But there are some additional points that you need to consider if you want to get your web development done with nodejs. Following are the points that you need to consider before taking its services from node js development company. 

Why Nodejs development is increasing

The use of nodejs as desired technology to build web and mobile apps is continuously increasing. The actual reason is the functionality and flexibility provided by nodejs for web development. Developing web applications with Nodejs is somewhere easy than other technology that needs lots of work in order to do glitch-free development. 

Pros of Nodejs Develoment Services

The Pros of are listed below: 

  • Easy to scale: Nodejs is an easy-to-scale technology for web development. It leaves ample space for future customizations without affecting the already installed code. The scalability offered by nodejs is best in web development technologies. 
  • Better Performance: Nodejs provides greater performance while developing web and mobile apps. Its functionality and ease of scaling codes provide enough room for a better code running environment and performance.
  • Customized Requirements: With nodejs development as backend technology, you get the Solutions for your customized requirement. Businesses who want to imbibe some additional or unique features in their application can easily do that with nodejs. 
  • Less coding time: The coding time with nodejs is comparatively less than other technologies. This provides businesses an estimated turnaround time that is faster, efficient and business target friendly. With nodejs using as development technology, one can develop software in less time. 
  • Cross-platform development: Nodejs is robust technology to develop apps to work on both android and ios. For cross-platform app development, Nodejs is the best-suited cross-platform app development. 
  • Concurrent request handling: Concurrent request handling is a lot more flexible and easier with nodejs technology. For businesses who opt for nodejs find it helpful to get their software developed due to the concurrent request handling features.

Cons of Nodejs Development Services

Although there are plenty of services disadvantages. Some of them are listed below:

Heavy computing apps: Nodejs has been a robust technology for all kinds of development work but for heavy computing, multi-threaded programming, and long-running calculations, nodejs has some limitations. 

Unstable API: The nodejs has a drawback of unstable API while developing. Due to this, if API changes developer has to developers have to make changes in existing code. 

Doesn’t have a standard library:  There’s not a standard library. So whenever developers need some help with codes, they need to support commonly provided libraries.

These drawbacks make it hard for developers to implement simple changes. 


Choosing Nodejs as the desired technology for Mobile and custom web app is Great. The benefits provided by the nodejs for businesses are immense. Trends show that the upcoming usage of nodejs in web development will also increase in the future. So, every wise business should invest in nodejs While Hiring a nodejs Development company.


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