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Havelock House, Belfast

The previous corporate Office To Rent In Belfast of Wireless Group Ltd (formerly UTV Media), as well as UTV, were housed in Havelock House on Ormeau Road in Belfast from October 1959 until June 2018. From its The


Havelock House used to be a hemstitching Office To Rent In Belfast before being transformed into a television studio complex. The property was purchased by Ulster Television for £17,000.

In the same structure, a second studio debuted in 1962. In 1992, work on an addition to Havelock House started.

anticipation of the station’s forthcoming rebranding and new franchise term.

Television production

Television production teams from all over the globe used UTV’s Havelock House studio facility for many years to edit and process “The Troubles” film footage.

same year with plans to utilize it for a build-to-rent programmed. After Belfast City Council’s planning committee unanimously opted to reject the company’s proposals for the property, which called for demolishing the structure to make space for an apartment complex, Olympian Homes filed an appeal with the Office To Rent In Belfast in November 2020. Oct. 20, 2021

Famous creations

For many years at Studio 2.School Around the Corner, McKeever, and All Mixed Up are just a few of the other television shows that were produced in the facilities of Havelock House.

Apartments at The Arc

The Arc is a housing complex next to Abercorn Basin in Office To Rent In Belfast , Northern Ireland’s Titanic Quarter.

buildings, it has 474 residential units, a hotel, and a handful of retail stores.


The residential complex was to be situated in Belfast’s Abercorn Basin Office To Rent In Belfast in the Titanic Quarter according to the first designs for the Arc, which

The initial occupants moved in in September 2009. property purchasers were unable to complete their transactions. Titanic Quarter Limited, the developer, filed a lawsuit to compel owners to fulfil their commitments.

Apartment building

There are 474 residential buildings in The Arc. Apartments with two, one, or three bedrooms, penthouses, and marionettes (duplexes) with Queens Road views are all included. There are 26 distinct house designs in all.

Three structures are present. The oldest, Building A, has eight stories and is located the closest to the city center. The central Building B has ten stores.Two brief cobbled lanes that lead

Each core features a single entry hall, a single flight of stairs, a single elevator, one foot exit to the exterior, and many foot exits to the

building’s guarded utilities and parking sections. Residents receive fobs for access control.

to the public roadway. The Arc’s buildings don’t provide any shared amenities like a gym or a laundry facility.

Basement garages

Basement garages with four floors give tenants with assigned covered parking. Visitors can park in one of the few parking spots provided for a daily charge. Nowhere in the neighborhood is there free guest parking for cars. The Arc parking garage has basic amenities for motorbikes and bicycles. Electric car charging stations are absent.

Currently, SPAR supermarket and off-licence, Dock café, Paper Cup café, Smoothie Factory, and Subway are the retail tenants. A branch post office is located within the SPAR supermarket shop.

TQ (ARC) Building Management Limited is the property management company

 Deliveries and mail should be sent to X.YY for residents. The Arc, where X denotes the core and YY denotes a particular apartment inside the core.

public sphere

The Arc Public Realm refers to the open space in the nearby area. Abercorn Basin, which opens out to the River Lagan and is home to Belfast Harbor Marina. With statues and

A media presence

The Arc has appeared in well-known television programmer.

The past of Belfast

Northern Ireland’s capital, Belfast, has been a significant economic and industrial hub for much of modern history. Shipbuilding was one of the manufacturing sectors that saw a decrease in the latter half of the 20th century. Conflict between various political groupings that support various political arrangements between Ireland and Great Britain has periodically occurred throughout the city’s history districts.

Prior History

The Iron Age saw the construction of the first permanent communities. A 5,000-year-old hinge called The Giant’s Ring lies close to the city, and the hills in the area have shown signs of Bronze and Iron Age occupancy.

The Giant’s Ring’s central megalithic tomb.

Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter

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Sacred Heart Cathedral.
The Cathedral Quarter is located south and east of one of its corners, which is the intersection of Royal Avenue, Donegall Street, and York Street.

The contest for architecture

The Northern Ireland Arts Council and Belfast’s Old Museum Arts Centre arts organization announced plans to build a specialized arts facility for the city on the site of the most famous in irland services .The Office To Rent In Belfast is available all time in day and years .So be benefits’ its your self  and opportunity. Talbot Street parking lot in 2006. 2012 saw the opening of the Metropolitan Arts Centre building, which was the result of an architectural design to competition run by RIBA Competitions and won by Hackett Hall McKnight Architects. The much awaited arts center received considerable high-profile publicity, thanks in part to Meryl Streep, a Hollywood actress.

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