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Our company cashes Business cheques payable to you

Cash Shop can make cash business cheques made payable to your business if you are a sole trader or the sole director of a limited company.

Your cash flow is crucial to your business, and Cash Shop understands that. In the event that a business receives a check – whether for services rendered or for HMRC – it cannot always wait for the check to clear the bank.

See the exact amount of cash you’ll receive

We even cash personal Business cheques payable to your business from your customers. Our customers – people like you whose businesses include landscaping, window washing, double-glazing, and other services – appreciate the convenience of getting an immediate cash advance.

For each check, we charge 9.9% of the face value plus a handling fee of £2.99. Nevertheless, you should be able to claim back the fees we charge as a tax-deductible business expense.

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  • Cheque amount £

We cash cheques because there are many reasons for this

  • Budget-friendly
  • Cash in an instant

The convenience of opening before and closing after banks

You can expect your cheques to be cleared by your bank within five business days

You will not be charged for overdrafts

Transaction that was conducted privately

business chequesrequire documentation in order to be cashed

Your identity should be proved using the following two methods (both are mandatory):

An official photo ID should be used (ideally a passport or driving license).

An official utility bill showing your home address (preferably from the last three months)

Here are the documents you must provide for your business (at least two of them):

A bank statement (dating within the past three months)

The tax department of the government of the Canada wrote

  • Registered attorney’s letter
  • Registrar of Accounts letter

Please provide your VAT return number or registration number (papers must be provided)

The next step is that our staff will confirm that you’re the sole director or sole trader of your company by looking into publicly accessible sources. As such, you will need approximately 30 – 45 minutes to establish your business account during your first visit. A shorter visit is expected in the future.

The majority of cheques we receive are cashed the moment they are presented for cash. There may be circumstances where you would receive only part of the payment, or that the cheque would have to be cleared before we can put it into your account.

A cash shop that operates with speed, friendliness, and fairness!

Cash Shop’s top priority is providing excellent customer service, whether in-store, over the phone, or online. The pricing and process of our company are completely transparent to our clients. We strive to provide fast, friendly, and fair service to our loyal customers, and we have developed a reputation for having their best interests at heart.

Our staff is able to provide you with a wider range of services, including Romanian, Polish, Slovakian, Czech, Lithuanian, Latvian, Russian, Hungarian, Spanish, Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi, Urdu, and Telugu, in addition to English.

In our ‘Vision Statement’ we describe our mission as, “To have the best looking and best located stores, providing the best service at the best price”, because our customer cares about nothing but the best. Learn more by exploring our website or by sending us an email.

The change doesn’t have to happen if nobody wants it

Regardless of whether customers use the image-based system or not, they will still write out checks as they do in the present, and they will give or post them to recipients the same way they do now. There are still a variety of ways those who receive cheques can pay them, including at a bank or building society, via the post or at an ATM.

A greater variety of choices

By providing an image of a cheque instead of going to a branch, some banks and building societies might be able to give their personal customers the choice of submitting the image instead of a physical check. The bank might offer desktop scanners that are linked to an online account so business and charity customers can pay in large amounts of business cheques as digital images.

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