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Our selection of hotels for Rajasthan

The best hotels of Rajasthan

When you plan a private tour to India, first you try to book your accommodations. It’s true that there are several options of hotels nearly in all cities, from very basic ones to high-end properties. The price differences are also considerable. Thus, sometimes you need to struggle to find the best option which is comfortable, clean and with acceptable budget.

To help you with that, we are glad to share with you some information about different hotels of different categories that you can consider for your private tour to Rajasthan. We work with most these hotels since 10 years already. Our selection is based on positive reviews of our travelers, which is the most important criteria for our selection.

Normally, we try to avoid the big properties, as our travelers always prefer small charming accommodations. However there are some exceptions in our selection as in some cities it’s nearly impossible to find small properties with good service, clean rooms and good location.

Our selection of hotels

We can start with Delhi, as most of the travelers start their tours from the capital.

The hotel Tree of life is a nice option for those who prefer small, simple but clean properties. Don’t hesitate to book this hotel during your stay in Delhi.

For luxury option, we recommend you Le Meridien hotel. It’s not a small and charming hotel, but it offers a great service to its visitors with good location.

In case you don’t like the suggested options, you can take into account that the hotels located near Connaught Place are mostly appreciated for their location. The location is an important criteria especially for Delhi.

If you make a stop in Bikaner, don’t miss to spend an overnight in Laxmi Niwas Palace. It’s a luxury maharaja palace a bit expensive, but you need to try that experience at least once during your tour.

For your overnight in Mandawa, we recommend you to spend your overnight in Radhika haveli, a nice and clean haveli for those who are searching a comfort hotel. In case you want a luxury option, the Vivaana hotel is the only best luxury hotel you can book without hesitation.

In Jodhpur the Ajit Bhawan is one of the best luxury options, for comfort hotel we suggest you the Mandore Guest House. It’s not really in Jodhpur but it’s very close, it’s worth to choose it for its great location.

The best one in Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer offers one of the best luxury accommodation in Rajasthan. Suryagarh hotel it’s an excellent choice for luxury segment, you will not regret certainly.

For your stay in Udaipur you can book the Mahendra Prakash hotel if you are searching a comfort hotel, clean and traditional. And the Trident hotel could be an option for luxury clients.

In Agra, the charming options of accommodations are not several. We suggest the hotel Maple Grand as comfort accommodation and for luxury segment, the ITC Mughal hotel.

Hope that this article was useful for you and that you will be able to plan your next trip to India more easily.

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