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Path to Permanent Residency in the UK for International Students

The best place to study abroad is the UK because it has a blend of all the cultures from all over the world. The country is student-friendly and is rated the highest for best education and environment. The UK has spent pounds 92.3 billion on education from 2019 to 2020 and since then the numbers have risen. There are United Kingdom’s 12 universities in the world’s best universities list. The UK welcomes each and every international students uk wholeheartedly. This article will guide you and tell you the steps that will lead to permanent residency in the UK.

Secure an Admission and Get an Admit

UK universities take continuous assessments of higher education and so the research and the teaching quality are rated very high. The QAA (British Government’s Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education) checks the quality of education because they cannot compromise on it. a lot of aspects are taken care of and so the quality of education is considered the best. The universities of the UK are graded with 24 points while 22 points are considered to be the best. So before choosing a university, do check the score.

In the UK, universities research activities are monitored by Research Excellence Framework (REF).

Every university has a different criterion. The score requirement depends on the ranking of the university. The requirement of English also varies in every university.

To study in the UK, you need to pass some exams for example

  • GRE

The marks need to be over 90 for TOEFL, 7.0 for IELTS, and at least 6.3 for GRE. A recommendation letter and a good statement are also needed. You may even Buy Essay Services to pass with a good score on these tests.

Get A International Student UK Visa and Apply For a Scholarship

Studying in the UK is expensive. It costs pounds 11,000 every year and if we convert it into rupees, it’ll be 2,641,725. These are the average costs but they may vary from university to university and place to place. The top listed universities like Oxford, Cambridge, etc costs pounds 30,000 which is about 7,204,974 PKR.

You will need to put the required documents on the website of the embassy for the visa, for example, passport, pictures, the admit of the university and the address of UK. You will also need a medical certificate showing you don’t have tuberculosis.

The application fee for a visa is pounds 348 and charges for healthcare that is pounds 400 every year which will show that you are fit medically. Once all the documents and processes are completed and they have confirmed your identity, the decision of granting you the study Visa will be made.

Graduate Immigration Route (GIR)

A new route was announced on 19th September 2019 called Graduation Immigration Route (GIR) through which students will get permission to live in the UK for more than 2 years. It is launched in the summer of 2021 and is a one-time extension. This will give permission to international students uk to take up any kind of job without any restrictions or in short, will open the doors of the UK job market. Through this route, the number of applications has increased.

There are many scholarships available for the students through which they can get a concession on their tuition fee. Each department has its own way of scholarship and so one must check the requirements before applying.

Getting The Funds For Financial Help In Your Education

Before GIR launched, students used to take loans for the UK education and would pay it by working or doing a part-time job. The route has given a chance to students to earn money in pounds and pay the loan and so the lenders have also shown mercy by relaxing their stance.

Working While Studying

The students can easily find an internship. The students which have availed of Student Route can work 20 hours every week and during Christmas, they can work full time and can earn 300 to 500 pounds, an internship is perfect to earn you a good living as well as improve your resume. Moreover, you can write down essays for students there and earn. All you have to do is advertise yourself on social media or any website. You can put up the heading “Write My Essay for Me UK and you’ll find a lot of international students uk approaching you.

Get Employment

Once you have completed your studies can take a job in the biggest companies as they have their offices in the UK and they welcome all the international students UK. International students UK more than 7000 in number switch to Tier Visa per year. Currently, according to the rules, one must complete his education to switch to this Visa.

Moreover, they also allow students to set up their business which can be possible through Tier-1 Visa.

Become Permanent Resident

Once you complete a graduate job after 5 years, you can apply for ILR. ILR (Indefinite Leave to Remain) Visa secures you to be a permanent resident. To secure the IRL Visa, one must maintain a stable income, good moral conduct, and no criminal record. One must also pass the English Language Test and the whole process to take this Visa can take almost 6 months.

Details of IRL:

  • Digital picture
  • Digitalized prints of your fingers
  • Your signs
  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • The immigration status
  • The status of work or studying

How to Become Citizen in the UK

One must earn up to 35,000 pounds every year as well as be on a Tier-2 Visa for 5 years. Every year, the numbers keep changing.

Become a Citizen

Once you secure ILR and spend more than 5 years in the UK, you can move ahead and apply for citizenship. Once you get it, you can enjoy all the services there.

It’s not easy to take a permanent residency in the UK. One has to go through several processes and has to do hard work with consistency but it surely isn’t impossible as many today have citizenship. Slow and steady wins the race!

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