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Phone Tracker App Best Deal For Non-Techies

Believe it or not, it has been a while since I switched to a smartphone as my primary cell. That was because my flip phone finally stopped working and the shopkeeper gave me a mocking smile when I asked him if he can make it in working condition again. I consulted two more and when all of them said it was the end for it I said goodbye. Although it is still lying in my side table drawer in a hope that one day will casually try to on it and the screen will get bright.

Still, it’s a failure. Anyway so now you can imagine the early days of my journey of smartphone usage. I practically stopped calling or texting people and still time to time there were some notifications and all. It took me a while to get used to its features and slowly I started to like this technology.

Another big reason to get myself familiar with this change was that my teen was starting high school and now he will be out of my range for a longer period than too with his smartphone. I have not listened that many good things about smart gadgets and the internet. Maybe that is why it took me more than normal time to get a smartphone. But my family is quite opposite.

So I started to get into trendy apps and all the cool things teen boys like to enjoy. Games, apps, the social media but soon I realized that it is not my thing. I mean it is practically impossible to follow him around everywhere as there are certain lines that you can’t cross.

But the problem was solved by my sister who was more than thrilled for me since I became a smartphone user. Her purpose was to make me feel at home with the technology and also keep me in the loop of my teen boy’s online and offline life. And I bet she succeeded as I am now more than comfortable and glad I left my comfort zone.

Features of Phone Tracker & Parental Control App

She introduced me to the phone monitoring app and the parental control features. I can now easily know where is my kid, what is he doing, or what is he planning to do. If you are a non-techie person like me but still want to assure your loved one security and safety then this one is for you.

Be Confident In Social Media Sector:

The phone tracker app has a long list of social media features. You can get updates about your child’s activities without going through the process of making an account on each one of the platforms. Some of the apps are the FaceBook spy app, Instagram spy app, IMO spy app, Whatsapp spy app, Snapchat spy app, Telegram spy app, and more.

Follow Them Around Like A Shadow:

Following them around everywhere is easy and possible with the GPS location tracking feature. You can track them in real time and know about all the hideout places they usually hang out with their friends.

Supervise Their Online Search Box:

  • Frightening statistics show that nearly 32% of teens admitted to accessing nude or porn content on the web.

With the track internet browser history feature all the search box history of the teen is in remote access of the parents. You can know what kind of media grabs their attention and can take action right away in case you find any triggering stuff on their web browser.

Is There A Need To Block Any Content From Their Access:

You can simply block any content from your teen’s gadget by using web filtering.

Monitor What kind of Video They Usually Watch:

The phone tracker offers a Youtube screen monitoring feature that keeps the parents updated about the streaming videos and channel updates.

Do They Have A Good Company:

With the Mic bug feature, you can listen to all the discussions and Surround Recordings and chats your kid has with others. This is a good way to judge if they are in a good and reliable company or not.

It is all about pushing your limits and trying new things, only then you can realize how much modern technology like a phone tracker can bring comfort in your daily life.

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