Places Where You Can Flaunt The Cyberpunk 2077 Samurai Leather Jacket!

You can find hundreds of blogs over the internet on Cyberpunk 2077 — on its cool features, missions, and everything related to the game. But this read is going to be a bit more for all the fashionistas. If you are looking for game details and all that stuff, there will be none of that here. Instead, it is more likely for all the passionate fashion people to go haywire over. And to give them a wider picture of how and where the Samurai Jacket can be rocked. And which you thought lacks versatility; apparently has more potential than you anticipated.

So, now that all the gamers who give more attention to their desktop than their looks are filtered out. Let’s hop into places and how you can make a game-inspired jacket a part of your stunning wardrobe and astonishing vogue. Before turning the fashion mode on, why not study this attire first? This might not be the first time you have heard about the Cyberpunk 2077 Samurai Leather Jacket. It is because there are very few costumes ever to leave the gaming industry. But if one does that, it means it is more than just a piece of attire. There has to be an attribute that meets the eyes of many fashion passionate people.

The Boring Background!

The Samurai jacket was featured in a cyberpunk genre game. Its title is “Cyberpunk 2077”. There is no doubt here this is one of the best games ever to be launched in the cyberpunk genre. The graphics, the showcased tech, the storyline bombarded with twists and even multiple endings. If many are calling it the best game of the decade, then they are truthful about it. Cyberpunk 2077 got every single thing under its title to deserve such a title.

Unlike every other skin in the game. This special item is a reward drop that you get after completing a particular set of missions in story mode. To be more specific, if you really are a gamer and want to have such skin to be in your storage. Follow the instructions:

  • Find the place called “Chappin’ In” in the heart of downtown Night City.
  • Once you find the spot, contact the Voodoo Boys, a gang who will hire you to do their dirty work.
  • There are going to be a couple of missions, of good rewards, of course.
  • After completing the mission list, you are going to be handed this jacket, codenamed “Samurai Jacket,” as a souvenir.

So there you have it, how to get this jacket in the game. Now, it is time to give you all the clear pictures of how you can flaunt this jacket in your everyday life. And most importantly, which places the jacket will best suit your persona.

The Best Jacket You Can Count On!

Suppose you are thinking that it is being praised stupidly. Then you are wrong and have no imagination, really. This Samurai Jacket is way more versatile than you are thinking right now it is. There are so many factors that make it a perfect jacket to have in real life rather than in a virtual one. Some of the places where you can ace your looks with this jacket on are. Hold on tight. A few might surprise you!


As we all know, cosplay is about wearing costumes, and the Samurai Jacket is actually a costume from a game, right? The reason why you should don this one and ditch the other is that it has some extraordinary looks. It looks that you can not really find it in any other costume because it is a costume. It is supposed to facsimile your looks like the characters. And many costumes may look good on screen, but in real life, there is just a handful of them to really flaunt. And if you have come this far in the read, that means you are one of those who care about their looks, not stupid costumes.


There are many people to whom the idea of game con intrigues a lot. If you are such an individual but couldn’t be able to find the right costume to wear as you wear conscious about your looks, then this Samurai jacket is the one you should get ASAP. As previously mentioned, this game-inspired jacket is more of a fashion piece rather than an in-game skin. It may be from a futuristic and sci-fi game. But the Samurai Jacket has just the right amount of advanced features that you can easily rock in today’s practical world. Among several places to flaunt this game’s outfit. Cosplay is the best covert place to have both enthusiasms for games and fashion.


Another place/event you can ace your stunning vogue while being in a Samurai Jacket is Halloween. Halloween is also the time where we all love to wear costumes, but many completely ditch this even just because they couldn’t find a costume that can truly portray their exclusive looks or meets their norm of fashion statements. Even if you facsimile your looks as characters, your vogue is going to portray a very relaxed look. This way, you can have both your stunning fashion statement looks and a costume to attend your friend’s costume party on Halloween night. 


What, shocked? Well, it’s already been mentioned previously. A few places might surprise you. This is it. For a few, this might be a lot to absorb in, but just to clear things up — Why do you think this piece of attire caused such a buzz in both the gaming and fashion industry? Because it is featured on the main title of Cyberpunk 2077? No, it is just because of its perfect balance. Cyberpunk 2077 got its fame due to the futuristic and biomechatronic body parts. All this might sound very splendid, but those times are far, far from where we are standing, which is the most minimal attire from the game that has that so-called perfect balance to it.

If that sounded a bit convincing, then stick on. If you have seen the jacket (if not, google it), imagine it with your basic pieces of clothing. You will shock yourself because earlier, you were a critic of its versatility. A simple black tee, ripped jeans, a crisp G-shock, and wrap up the look with the most badass sneakers from your wardrobe and throw it right on. It has already been added multiple times, but one more time, this samurai jacket is a phenomenal piece of an outfit. Even though it is from a virtual world, it still already has more than thousands of hearts. So getting it for your wardrobe is not going to make your persona of a hardcore gamer. No, it is just going to take your statement games to a whole new level.

This Jacket Is Super Versatile!

Have you wondered yet, each year, there is at least one game to be released under the cyberpunk genre, but not a single one caused such a buzz as Cyberpunk 2077? Well, just don’t ever ask this question to a gamer unless you can take it. The hype of this game was just mind-boggling. Everyone was talking about Cyberpunk 2077. Mostly because when the concept of the game was released, Keanu Reeves, aka John Wick, aka The Chosen One, aka Constantine, was featured. So the viewers have to go haywire over it, hence, crazy hype. Everyone loves John; it is clear that if he is in a game, his presence is more than enough to sell a few million copies of that game. 

So there you have it all the places you can not just flaunt a Samurai jacket, instead pull off the best looks and version of your looks like never before.

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