Powder Coating Oven Selection – A Complete Guide

As all powder coat oven understand, your powder layer stove is one of the most vital and often times most expensive equipment investments. You make in your powder layer procedure. Offered exactly how crucial your powder finish stove is as well as the selection of alternatives readily available. The advantages and also drawbacks of each. And reasons that prices might differ in between powder finishing stoves. This guide will cover the details of powder finish stoves to help you make the very best selection for your powder coating service demands.


There is a selection of stoves typically made use of for powder covering healing. Both major teams of powder stoves consist of infrared treating and also convection treating. The primary distinction between these 2 stoves is how the covering is healed.

Convection Powder Coating Ovens

With convection, oven treating takes place from beyond the powder finishing in. As a result of this outdoors healing, stoves will commonly be slower to heal a powder layer than their infrared stove counterparts. While they are not as quickly, they are typically less costly to initially acquire compared to an infrared stove. Within a stove you have electrical and gas-powered convection electric powder coating ovens. Between both gas stoves are not as pricey to run but having sufficient gas readily available can be problematic for some. Electric stoves often tend to have smaller variants in temperature level control as well as being offered in class A or Class B styles can have a reduced preliminary expense to purchase. Will certainly cover course An as well as Class B soon.

Infrared Powder Layer Ovens

Infrared powder finish stoves heal a product by radiant heat significance. That warmth is transferred directly to the item surface resulting in the powder covering home heating from the inside out to treat. Because of the method warmth is transferred. Infrared powder coating ovens treat powder finishing much quicker than convection powder finish stoves. However, they are additionally dramatically more costly as well as have some limitations with healing what the infrared waves can easily get to or see. Various other applications can work however will commonly call for screening to ensure infrared will perform well.


powder coat
powder coat

After evaluating whether an infrared or convection and whether an electric or gas powder finishing stove is of interest the following.  If there will be possible for an explosion of combustibles or volatile substances. For powder finishing, class b ovens are generally permitted. If any other curing will certainly be simulated with fluid finishings course a is crucial. Whichever course you determine, you want to verify with your regional authority to ensure they are ok with a course b over a class a stove. As they will need to accept any devices you select.

Powder Coating Oven Design Specifications

Powder coating stoves have a variety of security criteria they must fulfill. NFPA 86 is one of the most full powder coating stove code to reference various other vital classifications include UL details. Also FM certifications. Various other usual points to consider regarding a powder covering ovens layout include:

— The scale steel utilized– Larger scale steel offers higher durability as well as longevity of use; a top quality stove will have 16– 20 scale construction with channels for connecting being 18 scale or thicker steel

— The insulation is given– insulation enhances the running efficiency of the electric powder coating ovens; an excellent minimum is 4-6 extra pounds of insulation

— Stoves must have ductwork to get rid of unsafe development. Also, ductwork to recirculate air through the stove to make certain uniform heating of products (with convection design stoves).

— Include all relevant safety functions consisting of however not limited to explosion relief panels. Fire failure detectors, mechanized gas shutoffs, as well as much more (in conformity with NFPA 86).

Inevitably the thicker the steel scale made use of, the even more insulation given, the greater the performance of the gas burner, and also the much more exact the controls, the higher quality a powder coating stove will certainly provide but this will likewise develop greater costs.


By recognizing the kinds of powder finishing stoves available, the advantages as well as withdraw of each, safety requirements, as well as design distinctions you can better identify if a certain powder covering oven is the right type and also will carry out well for your powder finishing demands.

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