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Professional Carpet Cleaning and Do-It-Yourself Cleaning

A common misconception about professional carpet cleaning is that it is expensive and inconvenient. And that you can also clean the carpet yourself by buying a steam cleaner or using stain removers sold in hardware stores.

To correct this misconception, you need to understand the difference between the two cleaning methods to make a fairer conclusion.

Do-it-yourself carpet cleaning

Conventional DIY cleaning involves vacuuming the carpet regularly, removing stains on the carpet with stain removers from the hardware store, and some even buy or rent carpet cleaning equipment.

Regular vacuuming is necessary to care that should be done daily to minimize the amount of accumulated dust, dirt particles, and microorganisms in the carpet. This regular practice is recommended not only to maintain the condition of the carpet but also to improve indoor air quality and minimize exposure to airborne allergens.

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While preventing carpet stains is inevitable, special care should be taken when using chemical-based stain removers from DIY stores. Because of the chemical composition of the stain removers on the market, you must be very careful when choosing a stain remover and follow the instructions carefully, as one wrong action can cause permanent damage that even a professional cleaning service cannot repair. In this case, you may have to spend more money to repair or replace the carpet.

An alternative solution may be to purchase or rent cleaning equipment. However, be sure to check with your carpeting professional before you purchase to see what cleaning method is appropriate for your carpeting material. Some carpets should not be wet at all, while others may discolor if not cleaned properly.

Professional Carpet Cleaning.

Reputable, professional carpet cleaning companies invest heavily in researching and implementing effective systems and products to achieve excellent and safe cleaning results. In addition, the staff of carpet cleaning companies are often professionally trained and have years of experience with different types of carpets and challenging conditions.

The cost of carpet cleaning usually depends on the total area of carpet to be cleaned and the condition of the carpet. The dirtier the carpet, the more time it will take to clean it. This means that it takes more man-hours to clean the carpet. And more cleaning products, which in turn means higher costs. A dirtier carpet is also less likely to remove all stains and dirt. As some stains may have penetrated the carpet fibers, making it impossible to remove.


Contrary to popular misconceptions, professional cleaning doesn’t always have to be expensive and inconvenient. If you regularly use the services of a professional cleaner, the cost of cleaning. And the service guarantee you get from them will be worth more than if you clean the carpet yourself.

Do-it-yourself carpet cleaning may seem cheaper or more convenient because you can clean the carpet as needed. But the cleaner you hire or you yourself do not have the skills and experience to do the cleaning. Improper use of carpet cleaners or stain removal solutions also runs the risk of damaging the carpet. Which will end up doing more damage than cleaning it.

Regardless of which carpet cleaning method you prefer. Never underestimate the amount of accumulated dust, dirt, bacteria, and microorganisms that may be present. Regular vacuuming is important for overall carpet cleaning and maintaining good indoor air quality. If in doubt, always seek advice from a reputable carpet cleaning company.

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