Pros and Cons of Hiring a HR Outsourcing Company

Many businesses perceive HR outsourcing as a cost-effective approach to save time and money while gaining access to specialized knowledge and experience.

In this post, we’ll look at the advantages of this paradigm as well as some of the drawbacks. We’ll also look at which services are most commonly subcontracted, as well as some recommendations for navigating the process effectively.

What Exactly is HR Outsourcing?

Subcontracting, or employing a third-party service to carry out specific obligations or functions on behalf of a department, is known as outsourcing.

The jobs that are subcontracted are largely determined by the needs and interests of each organization; nonetheless, it is customary for businesses to outsource less strategic work, as well as those that are extremely manual, specialized, or unprofitable.

The HR Outsourced Services Includes:

#1. Training, development along with recruitment

#2. Handling the organizational structure

#3. Complete tracking of the department objectives, goals and strategies.

#4. Managing employee inductions

What is the Significance of HR Outsourcing?

The goal of outsourcing is to obtain the multiplier effect, or to get higher returns for the same expenditure. Statistics prove that it works. According to a survey by the Hackett Group, organizations that outsource these services spend 26% less and employ 32% fewer people. The remaining internal staff is devoted to strategy planning, while talent acquisition, onboarding, and other tasks are entrusted to others.

Outsourcing is vital for more reasons than this. We can also mention the following:

#1. The savings from outsourcing HR services range from 24 to 32 percent (Corban One).

#2. The flexibility to focus on other responsibilities is cited by 72 percent of businesses as the key benefit of outsourcing the service. (Deloitte).

#3. Only 19 percent of respondents say they have concerns or problems with their service. And 46 percent of them think it’s because they get reactive rather than proactive care. 57 percent of US corporations have increased their outsourcing during the Great Recession.Meanwhile, just 9 perfect of outsourcing agreements were canceled, indicating that most businesses regarded outsourcing to be a very cost-effective alternative (Brandon Gaille).

HR Outsourcing Has Several Advantages

Several of the advantages of HR managed services are obvious, such as cost savings or better efficiency; nevertheless, there are some other important benefits that are often neglected.

pros of HR outsourcing

1. Cost Savings:

A large sum of money is required to support a human resources department with sufficient people and resources. Small and medium-sized firms, in general, cannot withstand this expense; as a result, many choose to outsource these services. Using an outside organization is typically far less expensive and gives you access to a larger pool of experts in many fields.

2. Time savings:

The responsibilities of the human resources department include numerous repetitive and manual procedures. These can take up a lot of time, so when a firm chooses to outsource them, the internal personnel can focus on far more vital tasks.

3. Access to Expert Profiles:

Establishing an HR department with specialized jobs for each area is tough and expensive. As a result, most teams are made up of generalist professionals. However, working with a professional external supplier allows you to collaborate with specialists and get superior outcomes.

4. Compliance:

Maintaining Compliance with legal duties is difficult in the job. There are so many laws, and many of them change or update every year, so you never know if you’re doing the proper thing. A single blunder might have devastating effects. A supplier will assist you in letting you meet your current and  future commitment  and goals.

5. Employee Benefits:

Outsourcing HR may benefit your employees as well. Perhaps your provider can assist you in negotiating a better benefits package for your employees or obtaining health insurance at a lower cost. 

Outsourcing Human Resources Has Some Cons Too

However, let us not be naive. Outsourcing HR does, however, have drawbacks. Let’s see the following ones.

1. Loss of Control:

The HR department is the beating heart of many businesses. Delegating it to a third party means giving up some control, which is a typical concern when considering this option. It is much simpler to keep your goals aligned if you can locate a partner who shares your vision.

2. Changes in Corporate Culture:

The company culture is what attracts personnel. When this section is managed by someone else, it might lose some of the tone you’ve established and change the dynamics.

3. Less Flexibility:

An external company’s response time is likely to be lengthier than an internal team’s. In this instance, standard response times must be agreed upon to avoid complications.

4. Contrary Visions:

The HR manager will almost always have preconceived notions about how things should be done inside the department. To guarantee that expectations are satisfied, it is critical to match these viewpoints with the supplier.

HR Services That Are Frequently Outsourced

According to one research, 79 percent of organizations have already outsourced one or more HR activities, demonstrating how popular the service has become and explaining its quick rise. It was also shown that organizations prefer not to assign strategic or basic responsibilities in general. With that in mind, below are some commonly outsourced HR functions:

#1. Compensation evaluations
#2. Payroll administration
#3. Psychometric evaluations
#4. Attitude polls
#5. Employee education
#6. Performance evaluations
#7. E-learning
#8. 360-degree evaluations
#9. Accounting for human resources

Outsourcing Services Is Common

According to one study, 79 percent of companies have already outsourced one or more HR functions, indicating the service’s popularity and explaining its rapid expansion. It was also shown that, on general, companies prefer not to delegate strategic or fundamental duties.

5 Tips To Make Your HR Outsourcing A Great Success

HR outsourcing is a critical component of many company models; nevertheless, there are a few guidelines to follow in order to make it work for you:

1. Read testimonials from previous customers

Look at what other customers have said about the firm on its website, social media, and Google forums, for example. Before beginning to engage with any service provider, it is critical to do some research.

2. Consider the amount of assistance necessary

The type of partner you select will be primarily determined by the level of help your firm requires. So, figure out which jobs you’ll assign. Administrative responsibilities, IT services (such as the employee support platform), recruitment, and so on are examples.

3. Cost comparison

First, do an internal study to determine how much it would cost to keep the service in-house and how much it would cost to outsource. This will determine if the investment is worthwhile.

If you decide that using an external supplier is the best option for your organization, call a few and evaluate their rates and service levels.

4. Make sure the transition goes smoothly

You must successfully manage the transition of tasks as an HR service provider to accomplish your job well. Make sure you have all of the necessary information and schedule time to explain how the organization and procedures function, among other things. The aims and expectations should also be highlighted.

5. Maintain internal communication

Internally, the presence of outsourced HR providers does not need to be kept a secret. Observe that all of the team of the alterations and if needed to  be applied. How it is going to affect them on a regular basis. Knowing who to ask for help when you need it is crucial.


Having an outsourced HR management not just brings higher productivity, and faster response time, and saves cost. So, it is a wise decision to outsource your HR department services to a reputable HR management company.

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