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Quick Tips on How to Merge PDF Documents Without Adobe?

If you are constantly searching for a solution on how to merge PDF documents without adobe? Then this post will provide you with detailed solutions to merge PDFs quickly. Here, we are going to introduce you to the easy, and effective steps to merge PDF files without any data loss or formatting issues. Before we start, let’s examine the real-time user query that we have taken from one of the forum sites.

User Query

Hi, I am working on my college project and I have multiple PDF files containing the details about the project. Now, I want to share the project report with my teammate but sharing all of them one by one is really irritating. Is it possible to merge PDF documents without Adobe?  If yes, please suggest me a reliable and cost-effective tool to do the same.  Any help or suggestion is appreciated. 

Are you stuck in a similar problem? Does the above-mentioned problem also seem familiar to you? If so, do not need to fret as here we have a simple solution to resolve your problem quickly. All you have to do is continue reading the blog till the end to get the solution. So, let us begin with it.

Know-How to Merge PDF Documents Without Adobe

In the upcoming segment, we have mentioned approaches to merge PDF files. Users can either use the online service or the professional solution. Online services are not recommended as have come up with a range of disadvantages while the automated way is completely safe and effectively merges your file without any hassle.

Approach 1. By Free Online Services

Many free online services are available on the internet to merge pdf documents without adobe. These solutions are free but have several disadvantages and risks. Some of most disadvantages are mentioned below:

1. Chances that the security of your file becomes compromised is more while using these services.

2. Take a large amount of time for merging PDF files and sometimes not providing the output in the same format you want.

3. If you have a poor internet connection then you are not able to merge PDF files.

 How to Merge PDF Documents Without Adobe Using Advanced Tool

If you are searching for a quick solution to merge PDF files, then it is suggested to use the PDF Merge Software. This program makes it possible to Merge PDF Files into One Document effectively and without extra effort. Along with this, the tool also supports split large PDF files. The advanced application provides an understandable interface so that both novice and non-tech users can easily use it without any hassle.  Moreover, below we have discussed the steps of working with a reliable Tool.

Working Process to Merge PDF Documents without Adobe 

  • Download and install this advanced tool and then launch it.
  • Choose the Merge option and add files using the Add Files or Add Folder option

merge pdf documents without Adobe

  • Now the tool provides different merge options choose any of them as per the need.

merge pdf documents without Adobe

  • Choose the destination path using the Change button to save the resultant file and finally click the Split button.

merge pdf documents without Adobe

  • In the end, the tool will display a confirmation message ensuring that the process is completed successfully.

merge pdf documents without Adobe


Well, in the above we have mentioned possible solutions to merge pdf documents without Adobe. However, online services are available but they come with a wide range of disadvantages. So, merging PDFs using the suggested tool is the best option to get done the job easily or without any issue.

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