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Re.Rockspace.Local WiFi Range Extender

  • STABLE SIGNAL BOOSTS?- This WiFi range extender’s dual band technology automatically selects the best band for performance. It has 2.4GHz and 5GHz speeds of up to 300Mbps. SIGNATURE COVERAGE? With two exterior antennas, this WiFi repeater covers up to 1292 sq.ft. Coverage of your bedroom with 1167Mbps data transfer


  • EASY SETUP?- 8 seconds! By pressing the WPS button, you may quickly increase the wifi coverage. Or configure through a web browser in nearly any device.


  • 99% ROUTER COMPATIBLE?- This WiFi repeater has been proven to function with 99 percent of all routers and gateways. Extending support to iOS devices


  • SEEK THE PERFECT SETUP SPOT? – The smart signal indicator finds the optimum wifi coverage location. This WiFi extension can help you eliminate testing and set up quickly.


The Rockspace WiFi Extender is a Network Extender that we use to expand our existing router’s wifi signals. Rockspace’s extender models include the AC1200. rockspace AC1200 firmware update operates as both an extender and an access point. It employs dual-band 2.4GHz/5GHz technology to improve speed and connection in weak signal areas.


Re.rockspace.local offers great technology at affordable costs, making it suitable for gaming and HD video streaming. It offers your gadgets the required connection. Rockspace extenders may be set up by computer, phone, or iPad.


Rockspace Extender Highlights:


  1. [Boosts WiFi Signals]: It receives signals from your existing router and extends them to areas where your router cannot reach.


  1. This router splits your devices across 2.4GHz and 5GHz, reducing traffic on the single channel. Its improves network performance.


  1. [Easy Setup]: It is set up simply by pressing the WPS button.


  1. It features two external antennas for enhanced WiFi coverage.


LED Action:


The front panel of your Rockspace extension includes three LED lights. This one features WPS and Signal LEDs.




  1. No light implies no power.


  1. When the extension starts blinking BLUE.


  1. This implies the extension is switched on.




 Lghts will come on when we push the WPS button extension. WPS is blinking to connect to the router.


LED signal


  • Off implies no router connection.


  • Solid BLUE implies the extension is connected and set up.


  • Solid RED indicates a poor router connection. In this case, relocate your extension closer to the router.


Rock Space Extender Setup


Setup of the Rock Space WiFi Extender is simple. Using WPS, a web browser or an Ethernet wire are three ways to set this up. If your extender is ancient and was previously set up with another network, let’s clarify a few points before proceeding. Reset your rock space extender to factory default settings. And if it’s still not working even if it’s new, reset it.


Rockspace WPS WiFi Extender Setup:


It’s the simplest way. Simply plug your extender into a power socket and wait for steady lights to emerge on your extension. Once you see a solid BLUE light. And then your extender’s WPS button. After a few blinks, the extension should have two solid BLUE LEDs.


Setup of Rock Space WiFi Extender through Browser:


The rock space wifi extender setup If you are seeking an answer. You’ve arrived. To set up the rock space wifi extender, simply follow the steps below:


  • Plug in your extension and wait for the solid BLUE light.


  • Join the WiFi network.



  • Go to the login screen and create a password for future logins. Next,


  • That’s it, it’ll scan your window once you pick your network.


  • Change your extender’s network name if you wish. If not, it will use the router’s network name, which ends in _EXT.


  • Then click Extend. The router and extension will connect in a few seconds.


  • After setup, it has two steady BLUE lights.

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