Recent Trends Of Jewellery Pieces Making Rounds In The Market

A piece of Jewellery is a woman’s first love. They are never enough for us. We always want more to match our outfits and to remain in style. Personalized pieces, Duality chains, and color schemes, so much has been happening with Jewellery. The new artistic designs are very eye-catching. Floral designs have been blooming throughout jewellery types, be it rings, necklaces, studs, or even bracelets. Women have always admired flowers, and now they choose to buy floral rings or opt for flower delivery in Kerala. Trends in jewellery change over time, and we need to be updated too!

Oxidized Jewellery

These Special and sultry pieces have found a place in everyone’s collection, from Actresses like Kareena Kapoor Khan to College going girls. It is marked by the black and dark effect over the metal. This trend has taken over the world by storm.

This jewellery enhances the overall outfit. It is seen on every occasion, be it festivals, fashion shows, weddings, or regular day-to-day wear. Jhumkas and Chandbalis under earrings, Chokers and long rani haar under necklaces, Bracelets, Cuffs, and kadas under bangles, Finger rings, and Nose rings. There is an endless variety of oxidized jewellery.

Real Flower Show

No woman on Earth can say ‘No’ to flowers. And is there any woman who doesn’t love herself some jewellery? Not. Imagine the result of jewellery made out of fresh flowers!

This trend is on the rise, but one thing to remember is to make use of your fresh flower jewellery the same day before it withers away. Real flowers may wilt, but you could also wear floral jewellery made of dried flowers, preserved over time.

Pearl Power

Pearls will never go out of style because of their uniqueness and modernized luster. Its popularity has surged in the past years. From baroque pearl dangle earrings to eccentric pearl drop pendants, this trend has ignited. Even the young and gorgeous American singer Ariana Grande have engage with a pearl and diamond ring.

Attach And Detach Jewellery

If clothing items can be versatile, why not be your jewellery? Many designers have curated a special collection to step into what’s popular right now: pieces that attach and detach easily.

We all know how expensive jewellery is, and it was high time to bring innovation to it. Today we have hinges that can attach and detach to all types of chains. Charms can be worn on your hoop earrings to clips, and even on necklaces. They help you create your look.

Gypsy Rings

These rings used to be very popular during the late Victorian era because of their aesthetic design and style. It was favored with diamonds and bright gemstones like Sapphire, Emerald, and Tourmaline.

The bold dome rings ruled Instagram and topped the engagement ring trend. These bold rings with a bezel set of gemstones are here to stay!

Special Cut Gemstones

Gemstones come in all shapes and sizes. It is the creativity of the jeweler to expose the facets of gemstones. The cutting gives the stones a specific shape while bringing out their true color and brilliance. Asscher, Heart, Cushion, and Octagon are a few cuts of a gemstone.

These focus on the stone and leave the customers wanting a more solitary design every time. Each stone is exquisite, and the carvings are fantastic.


Remember the years of dainty and delicate jewellery? It took a U-turn to bold, chunky, and statement pieces. They are coming back in demand with a slam. Jewellery lovers have a thrill with joy as this maximizes their hearts!

Layering Necklaces

Necklaces have always been very fashionable. It instantly elevates your outfit in a tee or a dress. You should never hesitate in mixing gold and silver metals. This trend helps the girls use their pieces, which wait for their turn to match an outfit.

Bridal Jewellery Inspired By Flowers

Bollywood has always manifested its brides in fresh flowers as jewellery. Various wedding ceremonies, especially Haldi and Mehendi, don’t go without such jewellery. Everything is happy with precious flowers, from necklaces, earrings, baajuband, and bangles to maang tikka.

Every wedding planner does not only have to take care of floral decorations but also floral jewellery. Working closely with a florist assists him with flower delivery in Bangalore and fulfilling his job.

These trends are here to stay, and these sparkly investments are hard to take off the mind. Hence, jewellery has become an art today, with stunning and creative ornaments being fabricated.

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