Resale of IPLC License: A Telecom certificate to promote competition

There are many telecom certifications that DOT has introduced to promote competition within the telecom domain. However, none of them have ruffled the feathers of telecom sector as much as the Resale of IPLC License,  certification that allows the license holder to resell International Private leased certificate to organizations all over the world.

What is an IPLC License and how it’s going to change the telecom game in India? Let’s try to divine the answer to this question through this blog.

What is Resale of IPLC License?

International Private Leased Circuit is a private line of communication that allows intra-organization communication between offices that are located all over the globe. Simply put, it’s a communication resource that allows offices that are spread across the world communicate with each other. Read More: Demonstration License

India has going through a multinational phrase courtesy of our many measures to improve “Ease of Business”. And therefore, Resale of IPLC is a service that has found many customers within the one-percenters of Indian economy.

However, to resell an IPLC, one has to acquire the private circuit from an International Long Distance Operator. It’s a task that can only be conducted by those with the permission of the Department of Telecommunication, known as the Resale of IPLC License.

Why should you care about the Resale of IPLC License?

We’ve already stated that the multinational approach of many Indian businesses has created a lucrative market of intra-organizational internet services, things that only a IPLC reseller can provide. But why you should care? It’s all because of the benefits that come with establishing an IPLC.

  1. Customer security: International Private Leased Circuit ensures the customers can get a secure channel where they can communicate freely without the fear of the communication data bring compromised.
  2. It’s better than public network: For obvious reasons, the IPLC you’re going to provide to your customers would have better quality than a public network. It helps foster trust and helps you retain your customers for a long time.
  3. You can help the organizations grow: The international organizations who will be the beneficiaries of your services, will receive ample of benefit from you. You’ll be the communication foundation on which these organization would be able to achieve their desired growth.
  4. You can customize your service: As an IPLC reseller, you’d be able to customize your service levels on your customer’s demand – providing them with flexible network that matches their evolving business needs.

In the always changing face of telecom sector in India, you can become the agent of change by providing a private network that you can control, customize and evolve as per the needs of your customers.

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Are you eligible to obtain the Resale of IPLC License in India?

To be eligible to provide IPLC services in India, you need to meet the following eligibility criteria:

  1. You should have a company incorporated under the Companies Act, 2013
  2. You should have the technical ability to dispense your services.
  3. The company you incorporate must have a net worth of 2.5 Crore rupees.
  4. If you’re involving foreign investment in your company, you should be ready with the documents to inform the DOT about it in the prescribed format.

What is the procedure to obtain IPLC certificate?

IPLC registration is a relatively simple process, at least when you’re explaining it to someone. The process entails the following steps:

  1. Create a file with the following documents inside:
    1. Certificate of incorporation
    2. Memorandum of Association
    3. Articles of Association
    4. Net Worth Certificate of the company
    5. FDI details
    6. IPLC details
  2. Submit the application form
  3. Obtain the letter of intent once the application is accepted
  4. Fulfil the guarantee and entry fee requirements
  5. Sign the resale of IPLC agreement.


Resale of IPLC has given venue to the private institutes of tap into high quality internet services and avail them within their organizations. Get your Resale of IPLC license today and become the provider of such in-demand services.

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Resale of IPLC license is another type of telecom certificate that allows the licensee to provide IPLC services to the organizations. Read this blog to know about this license.

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