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Reset/Replace your Orbi Admin password?

All Orbi Wi-Fi systems Mesh or simple come up with a default username password. Admin and password are the Orbi login default password. You can replace these login credentials as soon as you log in to your web Based interface. You can even access the Orbi login advanced settings. Here, we provide step by step instructions so that you can change your Orbi default password and username.

Orbi Admin Password change

  1. Select a device connected to your Orbi network.
  2. You have to launch a web browser, whatever you like.
  3. And then go to the web address
  4. Wait till you see an Orbi login window on your device screen.
  5. On the Orbi login window, enter the default login paraphrase.
  6. Enter “admin” into the username box and “password” into the password box.
  7. Orbi and password are the default Orbi login credentials
  8. After that, you have to press the “Log in” button available on the screen.
  9. Then, you can see the Basic Home page of your Orbi router.
  10. After that, select an “ADVANCED” tab.
  11. And then select the [Administration] tab.
  12. You need to pick the option [Set Password].
  13. To access the [Set Password page] of your Orbi router.
  14. Then create a new username and password.
  15. You can also change other details on the same page.

This information is required to secure your router’s admin page. After that, click the “APPLY” button. And then your password will apply.

Recover Your Forgotten Orbi Admin Password

  • Launch any web browser which you have in your configuration device.
  • Navigate the search bar of this web browser to
  • Select the option “Forgot Your Password?” to access the page “Reset your Password”.
  • You need to submit the email address that you have used while creating your Orbi account.
  • Complete the other required information and then hit the “Reset MY Password” option.
  • Get back to your mailbox and open the link sent by the Netgear Orbi Support team.
  • You will be automatically redirected to the Netgear Change Your Password Page.
  • Here you need to enter your new Orbi admin password and click submit.

Netgear Orbi Login after password change

  1. Associate an Ethernet cable from the router’s LAN port to the computer’s LAN port and plug the power line adapter back to the router’s power port.
  2. Associate another Ethernet cable from the Modem’s WAN port to the Router’s WAN port or the internet port.
  3. Power on the router by pressing the power button on your Power outlet and the router.
  4. See the status of the LEDs to confirm that the router is powered on and is ready to use.
  5. When everything is powered on and is ready to use, launch a web browser from the computer associated with the router’s LAN port.
  6. Enter or into the Addy of the web browser to access the Orbilogin page.

On the login page, enter admin and password to complete the username and password locus, and hit enter. Now you have logged in to your Orbi router by following the same above mentioned process.


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