Secrets About Geometry Dash Lite You Should Know

Geometry Dash is a music platformer that was released on August 12, 2013, by the Swedish indie video game developer Robert Topala, often known as RobTop. The game cost one dollar and ninety-nine cents. RobTop decided to capitalize on the game’s tremendous popularity by releasing a free offshoot version of the game called Geometry Dash Lite. Having said that, if you have playing this game for a considerable amount of time and are seeking for ways to unlock the numerous in-game secrets, then you are welcome to skip through to the techniques that listed further down. If, on the other hand, you have just lately become aware of this challenging platformer, then please feel free to go through our short summary of the game before proceeding to the main discussion.

Geometry Dash Lite Gameplay

Geometry Dash Lite is a difficult vertical platformer that was modeled by The Impossible Game, an exclusive platformer for the Xbox 360 that was released in 2009. The arcade game has a simple overall design and just makes use of a single button for the player to interact with the game’s controls. The game readily placed on the list of hardcore games that are described as being “simple to learn but tough to master” because of the straightforward nature of its design and the harsh nature of the gameplay structure.
Geometry Lite on PC gameplay 4

The free version of Geometry Dash includes the majority of the premium edition’s features already. The lite version does not include the options to generate user-generated content for the custom levels. Players will not have the ability to build or develop their own custom levels as a result of this change. In addition to this, there are advertisements, restricted possibilities for personalization. And only 13 of the 21 levels that are available in the premium edition of the game.

How to Unlock Secrets in Geometry Dash Lite

In Geometry Dash Lite, you may obtain access to a variety of different objects by uncovering hidden secrets. The majority of the secrets can only discovered by completing certain objectives. The tasks involved in uncovering a secret are accessible in the Achievements page along with the accompanying prize.


One of the easier secrets that you may uncover in the game is Master Detective. The reality is that you don’t even have to play the game to access this secret. If done properly, you can uncover this secret in less than a minute. You will not able to access this hidden content until you go to the main title screen, choose the play icon. And then browse down the list of levels until you see the message that reads “Coming Soon.” On the same page, find the icon labeled “Information” in the top right-hand corner of the display, and then click on it (see image below).
Geometry Dash Lite screenshot

When you click the icon, a pop-up window will appear, and you may close it by clicking the “OK” button. You will need to click the ok button and then click the arrow to the right as quickly as you can. Until you are brought back to the Coming Soon page. Repeat the procedure of clicking the right arrow until you see a coin on the Coming Soon page. You will need to take a little break on the website for one or two seconds. This hidden fact comes with a different hue as the reward.


Another hidden feature in Geometry Dash Lite that can accessed without actually playing the game is the ability. To unlock characters on the main title screen by clicking on them. In order to unlock these accomplishments, you will first need to go to the main title page. And then click on the players who are moving across the screen.

The Rampage Achievement, which comes with an additional color reward, will unlocked with your very first click. Dominating is an achievement that can unlocked by clicking fifty different players and its associated prize is Cube 41. When your total number of kills hits 100, the Ultrakill Achievement will become available to you. Along with the secondary color reward it comes with.

After that, keep clicking on people until you have unlocked the Godlike Achievement, which requires you to click on a total of 200 players. The Godlike Achievement has a reward of Cube 39 associated with it. You can keep up your clicking frenzy to fulfill the goal of destroying 500 players. In order to obtain the Wickedsick achievement, which associated with the Ball 12 award. In addition to the numerous accomplishments, you will also be able to reveal two more secrets. If you click on a certain person or cube and cause them to destroyed.

Geometry Dash Lite is one crazy video game.

Geometry Dash Lite wickedsick


In order to earn the Nice Shot achievement, you will need to break the cube that displayed in the image below. This cube appears on the screen in a random location and may any one of many hues.


Catch ’em All is an achievement that is quite similar to the Nice Shot achievement in. It requires you to demolish a certain cube that comes on the screen at random. Additionally, the cube will appear in color configurations that are chosen at random. The Catch ’em All accomplishment hidden in the game is a nod to the catchphrase for the Pokémon franchise.

Play Geometry Dash Lite on PC

Your next objective, now that you know how to unlock all of the hidden accomplishments. To play the game in order to either acquire or earn the associated prizes. If we are going to talk about playing, the best method to play Geometry Dash is on your own computer. To download Geometry Dash Lite, all you have to do is follow the steps that given on the website for the game.

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