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Setup connection between your Synology NAS device and the router

Router Synology supplied equipment and speeds, and its simple app-based setup is excellent. Router Synology setup is a WIFI router launched by the company to eliminate the Wi-Fi dead zone. And then, boost up the Wi-Fi signal through the setup. Replace your existing WIFI router with the Synology login. This router can increase the strength and coverage of your home WIFI router with the Easy Synology setup.

Is your Find Synology NAS device on a local area network? Then the other devices on the same network cannot connect to it. For this, you have to set up port forwarding rules. You can set it up at Control Panel > then tap on the External Access. And finally, click on the router configuration to access your Synology NAS device over the Internet.

Setting up the Synology NAS Router

Before configuring your port forwarding rules, set up a connection between your Synology NAS device and the WIFI router.


To configure the port forwarding rules of your Synology setup device, assign a static IP address. For this, get the administrative privileges to the router. Make sure that the DSM has successfully retrieved the external IP address of your Synology NAS device before setting up the connection to an UPnP router. Go through the following steps;

  • Control Panel,
  • Then external Access,
  • And then the DNS server.

If not, please check the network and other security settings of your Synology device and the UPnP router.

Connect the Synology NAS device to your router:

Click on the Setup router option to launch the Synology Smart setup wizard. The DSM will test the following network components and settings before the next step. Now you should collect the below pieces of information;

  1. Network interface
  2. Gateway connection
  3. Internet connection
  4. Port forwarding
  5. DNS

Perform the following Synology NAS setup as per your router;

  1. Does your router not support the UPnP? If Yes! Then refer to step 3.
  2. Have you tested the UPnP compatibility in your WIFI router with the Synology NAS device?
  3. If it is compatible with the Synology NAS device, click Apply as you see a Synology setup summary information.
  4. Your Synology NAS device connected to the router is then successfully set up.
  5. If your UPnP router has not been tested to be compatible with Synology NAS device, do either of the following:
  6. Do you want an automatic setup connection to the router? Then select the automatic button, and click Next to perform a compatibility test on your system:
  7. If you have tested your WIFI router to be compatible with the Synology NAS configuration service, tick the checkbox to send the test report.
  8. It will help your Synology login device to update the compatibility database. And then, click the Apply button. Your Synology NAS device will connect to the router.
  9. On the off chance, you have tested your router. And it is incompatible with Synology NAS device configuration, tick the checkbox to send the test report.
  10. Again, it will help to update the Synology router compatibility database. And then, click the close button to leave the Smart setup wizard.


If you have tested your router and it is incompatible, then you can configure port forwarding rules. Please feel free to contact the manufacturer.

Managing Port Forwarding Rules on your Synology setup device

Port forwarding rules can specify the destination ports of your Synology NAS. It will receive packages from some ports of your router. Can your Synology connect to the Internet via a router? Then, please click the option [Create] to launch the port forwarding setup wizard.

Two ways to add port forwarding rules on your Synology NAS device:

  •  In case you create port forwarding rules for system services, such as the FTP, and Web Station, then select the Built-in application.
  • And, if you create port forwarding rules for other services, select Custom port.

Use the below-given syntax to specify port numbers and range:

  • Use “-” to show the port range, such as 6881-6890.
  • Use “,” to separate your port range. Such as: 21,22, 21,5536-5563, etc.

Notes and tips:

You can use each part of the gateway router for one forwarding rule only. If you use a router port for two or more rules, then it causes some conflicts. You can even get a warning message on your screen. Set up another port in the rule to stay away from conflicts. Some routers do not use the custom ports for system services forwarding.

Save your Port rules for the Synology NAS setup.

To save the rules, follow the instructions:

  1. Click on the Save button after creating the rules.
  2. Else, the rules will not apply to your Find Synology router and the Synology device.
  3. After saving the rules, wait for a few minutes before they start working.
  4. The time depends on the models of your Synology login routers and the NAS device.

After setup, test whether your rules are working or not. For this, select the rules you want to test and click the test Connection tab. The results are on your screen. Look into the Connection test Result column.



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