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Significance of NCERT Books in NEET

As part of their preparation strategy for the medical entrance exam, candidates must select efficient study material, create a timetable, solve previous year’s question papers, take mock exams, and so on. Another crucial factor is that NCERT books are required for NEET-UG. NCERT books are without a doubt the most important resources for NEET online preparation. The relevance of NCERT books for NEET preparation has been endorsed by the NEET 2021 toppers.

NCERT For NEET: Preparation Tips

Candidates can prepare for the NEET by using the recommendations listed below.

  • NCERT books serve as a guide for NEET applicants because questions are taken directly from NCERT.
  • Divide the issues into groups and concentrate on the most important. Stick to notes/modules from a single source at first, except NCERT.
  • Stick to NCERT books for the last two months and revise every day for all sections.
  • Candidates can check their progress by practicing with previous years’ papers/mock tests/sample papers.
  • Without failing to perform well on the exam, daily revisions are required.
  • Make notes as you read to ensure you don’t miss anything vital.
  • The notes would also assist applicants in remembering what they have learned.
  • Candidates can also use the internet or a reference book to find answers to a variety of questions.
  • The information in NCERT Books is divided into subheads. Aspirants would be able to understand the themes more readily if they read frequently.

Importance of NCERT Books

  • NCERT texts are quite useful and straightforward, particularly in the areas of physics and biology. When compared to books from other distributions, students frequently find these books easier to comprehend concepts. Students studying for NEET should use NCERT books for classes XI and XII in addition to other study tools (latest edition if possible).
  • NCERT books follow the CBSE curriculum, making it easier for CBSE students to grasp the fundamentals. That is why these books stand out from the rest on the market.
  • NCERT books account for more than 95% of NEET questions, covering all three major topics.
  • The concepts in NCERT books are crystal obvious because they are thoroughly read. Students must solve and revise questions in order to assess their degree of preparedness. It will be easier to get good grades if you have clear concepts.

Simple Language

In comparison to other books available on the market as study materials for national-level entrance exams, NCERT has the most straightforward language. This book also provides very direct and to-the-point solutions to a variety of issues that an aspirant may encounter while studying. Experts and exam toppers alike emphasize the relevance of NCERT books, advising students to study them thoroughly. These books do not require any particular subject to be studied. Candidates would be able to understand things more readily once they have practiced from NCERT because it provides adequate and solid fundamentals.

Covers the whole syllabus

The NCERT books are written by specific academic specialists. These books have been written to cover the complete course. The books avoid going into too much detail which isn’t necessary for students at this level.

NEET can cover all of the principles and essentials of NEET 2022 for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. ‘In order to crack NEET-UG, I first focused on mastering the NCERT curriculum,’ says Nalin Khandelwal, NEET 2019 AIR 1. Following that, I used to conduct many readings on a single topic and take notes in order to prepare. This used to help me remember a lot of information.’

Strong Basics

Candidates will be able to understand things more readily once they have practiced with NCERT’s proper and strong principles and fundamentals.

NCERT, according to Bhavik Bansal, NEET 2019 AIR 2, is the Bhagavad Gita for NEET. According to him, applicants must thoroughly practice everything in the NCERT before moving on to other books for NEET 2022.

Diagram Based

NCERT Biology books are diagram-based, which aids applicants in gaining a better knowledge of everything covered in the syllabus. Candidates can recall a lot more information while taking the exam after seeing these elaborative and insightful graphics. Candidates should be aware that Biology is the most essential subject in the exam since it has 90 questions, more than the other two parts combined.

Direct Questions asked in NCERT

Another significant advantage of NCERT Books is that the NEET Authority uses them to develop the question paper. While studying for the NEET, medical students should keep in mind that wasting time on difficult questions will be of little use if they do not address straight questions first. It is also critical that students use NCERT texts to answer direct queries. One advantage of this is that many of these topics are directly posed in the examination; numerical-based questions are an example of this.

Strengthens Foundation

Studying the NCERT textbooks and solutions can help you better understand the subjects and apply what you’ve learned in the exam paper. The textual material increases the comprehension and response-ability of the students. If you look at prior year’s question papers, you’ll see that a lot of questions come from the NCERT books. According to statistics, the NCERT volumes account for 60-70 percent of the questions asked. As a result, in terms of the number of questions asked, studying NCERT textbooks and NCERT solutions is quite important for test preparation.

So, as you can see, the NCERT books are really helpful in your NEET preparation. Along with the NCERT books, consider reference books as well, but the emphasis on the former. Nothing can stop you from achieving top NEET scores and pursuing a medical degree, which you have aspired to since you were a youngster, with adequate preparation and review.

Analysis of NEET 2021 paper

NEET Physics Paper Analysis

  • The NEET Physics section was rated difficult by test takers.
  • 70% of the paper had numerical-based questions.
  • Questions from topics like Optics, Semiconductors, and Photoelectric Effect were tricky.
  • The physics section was lengthy

NEET Chemistry Paper Analysis

  • The Chemistry section was rated easy by candidates.
  • NCERT based questions were asked in the paper.
  • Numerical questions were there – 3 questions were based on graphs and 5 questions were of matching type.
  • The section was not lengthy.

NEET Biology Paper Analysis

  • Both Botany & Zoology were Easy to Moderate in terms of difficulty level.
  • Questions were based on the NCERT syllabus.
  • From Biotechnology 11-12 questions were asked in paper.
  • From Human Physiology, approximately 4 questions were asked from Locomotion and Movement topics.

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