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Simple and Effective Photo Paper Tips To Prevent Paper Jam During Printing

With the development and advancement in technology, devices have become more fast, reliable, and efficient. It provides you high-quality result but due to the fastest technology and lack of time the Photo paper inserted incorrectly in the printers cause paper jamming in the printers.

The incorrect insertion of the photo paper cause hassle during working, so during heavy works in the offices or other public places like shopping malls, banks where printers are used quite frequently, it is advised that printer tray should not be overloaded with the photo paper.

Paper jamming is caused due to different reasons that vary with the type of printer you are using and some other factors. However, if the user follows the guideline properly and places the paper correctly, the risk of paper jamming is reduced considerably.

Using the photo paper type of Printer paper, the printer ink you are using should be of good quality. Therefore, the printer should be used carefully, and the user should also take care of the maintenance of the device to have more efficient results. There are many digital printing machines available in the market, depending upon the user’s requirement.

Here are some of the reasons why paper jamming is caused in the printers and some of the tips you should use to avoid any inconvenience. But, first, let’s discuss the causes of paper jamming and the tips through which we can prevent it.


Top Tips To Prevent Photo Paper Jam:

· Insertion of paper:

The insertion of the paper in the tray of the printer plays an important role in the working. Therefore, the correct position and the number of sheets are very important. You should never overload the tray with a large no of sheets. In this way, the sheets fold together, and the paper will be stuck in the tray.

A digital printer requires different types and thicknesses of paper for different purposes, especially when the quality of the photo paper is not according to the requirement, then it will also cause lagging in the device working.

Always place the paper upside in the right direction. You should always use the old paper first. Then, carefully use the guides in the paper tray while placing the photo paper. You should always fan the paper before placing it into the tray to avoid any jamming in the printer.

· Quality of Photo paper:

The paper quality in the printer is directly related to the working and the reliability of the device. If the quality of paper in the Digital printer’s photocopy devices and MFDs is not good, it leaves flakes of the paper in the device that is hard to remove and affect the machine’s working.

The low-quality paper also causes paper dust in the device, so the small particles also cause the problem in the printer and cause jamming. Therefore, to avoid the technical faults caused by the low-quality paper, you should use the right quality of the paper in your device.

The weight of the paper matters in printing as it can also help avoid any sort of jamming. You should always place the paper with different weights separately. To avoid any problem, never use heavy paper that can not match the requirement of your machine.

· Quality of cartridges:

The quality output depends on the type of cartridges used in the printer. However, it generally helps to controls the color tone and the printer ink on the paper. If a poor-quality cartridge is used in the printer, it leaves the stains of the ink on the paper and also causes poor toning of the paper.

It affects not only the writing but also the ink stains on the paper, and uneven writing can cause many problems and, as a result, it will end up having jamming in the printer.

· Avoid overloading Photo Paper:

Never place more papers than the capacity of the printer tray. For example, if your printer tray can hold up to 1000 sheets, you should never place the 1000 photo paper as it can cause the drawer of the printer overload that affects the printer’s working.

It is always advisable to place less paper than your requirement because paper can absorb the moisture from the air that causes the paper to expand from its original size and is more likely to cause jamming in the digital printer.

Whenever you open a bundle of paper, use it as soon as possible and try to use the old paper first, and keep your papers in a cool and dry place.

· Don’t open the printer during working:

Do not open the printer when the printing is in progress, or if you are scanning multiple documents. Do not open your device while it’s working as it may cause the different particles from the surroundings to intact with the device that can cause jamming in the printer.

Whenever you place the bundle of paper in the printer, remove the clips and the pins on the paper. Any worn-out and damaged paper should also be avoided. During the working, if the printing is in progress, you should avoid opening the printer as the small particles of paper or flakes come in contact with the printer’s rollers.

· Tonner or ink of the printer:

For proper working of the printer, it is a must for you to keep the toner and ink of the printer in good condition. Proper maintenance is very important if the printer is set to idle for the long term. Then its roller and ink should be checked before working to avoid any difficulties during work.

Good quality ink that does not leave any stain and spot on the paper is very important for smooth printing.

Here are some of the more tips that you should follow to avoid jamming in the printing

  • You should always clean any paper in the printer before using it again to avoid any inconvenience in the printer while working. The paper residue can also lead to paper jamming.
  • The paper tray should be aligned to feed the paper directly into the device so that the paper’s trajectory remains undisturbed. It also helps in avoiding and paper jams during working.
  • Do not mix the different types of paper during the printing of different styles and sizes of paper as it can also cause jamming during the printing.


Paper jamming is a slow and continuous process in any printer and photocopier machine if it is not used correctly. Therefore, to avoid any disturbance in your professional works, one should always invest in a good quality printer.

The digital printers and high maintenance minimize the risks of paper jamming if the photo paper is used correctly in the device. Every printer available today in the market has a different setup according to the user’s requirement.

It depends on you which type of printer you need to run your business or match your needs. The paper and ink, if used carefully, will enhance the reliability of the printer.

The top tips listed above will help you avoid any jams in your printer and boost its working. Plus, it also helps to increase the life of printing and lets you get the best out of it.

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