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Singer M3500 Honest Review

The Singer M3500 is an affordable small mechanical sewing machine.

It’s lightweight and comes with 32 stitches. Some consumers have reported that it’s easy to operate and ideal for novices.

However, there are a lot of issues, ranging from jamming bobbin and skip stitches to issues with how the needle is threaded. A number of users have reported problems with the machine, and we’d likely say no.

Consumer Ratings

The ratings of owners of the M3500 are very difficult to come across at the moment, but we found 19. See the following table. If the ratings were combined and compared, they gave an overall rating of 61.3 out of 100.

The M3500 is near the bottom of all sewing machines that we have evaluated over the years. We’ve compiled the complete listing of the ratings for sewing machines.


If you search for the device on Amazon.com, you’ll see that it scored 4.2 out of 5 ratings (on the day that the piece came out). The score isn’t exactly with regard to the model M3500.

Amazon has combined ratings for the Singer M1500, the Singer M3300, and The Singer M3500.

After we divided the M3500 scores and compared the scores for a total score of 2.6 out of 5 stars, this is a significant difference from 4.2.

The version allows you to see M3500’s reviews as well as comments from the owners on this page. Then scroll down to look at the reviews underneath the “search reviews by users” search box.

It’s been seen in this sort of thing before, and usually, Amazon incorporates reviews from various models, particularly if they’re in a group that has identical models.

It’s difficult to comprehend when you don’t know what they used to come up with the review stars for the specific model. You can also read janome derby.



The cons and Pros of the Singer M3500 have been figured out by studying feedback from a variety of websites.


  1. Lightweight
  2. Very small footprint
  3. A decent number of stitches
  4. Some claim that it’s easy to make use of


  1. A poor machine for using thick fabric.
  2. Sometimes, it appears as if they’re missing in boxes
  3. Some people experience difficulty with threading needles.
  4. Some people find Bobbin jams frequently
  5. There have been reports of needles breaking or jamming
  6. manual not provided (need to purchase it)
  7. Numerous problems were identified.

What do owners think?

It’s a sewing machine that is mechanical, and some call it an “entry grade”. Many owners have stated that it’s a great machine for seamstresses just starting the journey to becoming professional.

However, there is a large number of seamstresses who are not happy with the M3500 and believe that it’s not a suitable machine for new seamstresses.

The users who are awed by their M3500 will be pleased with the large quantity of sewing (32) as well as the ease of use. They also love its lightweight, which makes it an excellent option for classes or sewing parties.

The only way is around the countless owners who have faced issues, often immediately after they have started up and frequently weeks later when they first begin making use of the M3500.

The bobbin is constantly jammed, making it impossible to allow the needle to thread, and the machine sometimes skips stitches; the needle is jamming, sometimes breaking.

We also have learned that there are certain things that aren’t included in the box (manual or warranty documentation, warranties papers, etc. ).

The percentage of reviews that aren’t in good shape and have no comments is significant, which is the reason why the score is only 61.3 out of 100.

In the end, there are plenty of occasions of the model fails for us to conclude that you shouldn’t invest in this one. There are other highly-rated Janome models to choose from –

TIP – Improved Singer M3500 Sewing Machines

In the event that Singer is your brand of choice, then you might consider looking at one of the higher-scoring Singer machines.

You may also prefer to stay clear of some more rated Singer machines that we offer on our site. 

  • Singer QuickFix
  • Singer 6699 Starlet
  • Singer 2932
  • Singer 6199 Brilliance
  • Singer 3116 Simple
  • Singer 5400 Sew Mate
  • Singer CG-590
  • Singer C5200

Specifications of Singer M3500

  1. 32 stitches (basic, decorative, stretch)
  2. Stitch selection dial
  3. One-step buttonhole
  4. Needle threader with automatic needle
  5. An arm free of charge (slide away from the storage compartment which is accessible)
  6. adjustable length of stitch and width
  7. Front loading bobbin (class 15 transparent)
  8. Reverse lever
  9. Extra high presser foot lifter
  10. Snap-on presser feet
  11. Stitch speed is 775 stitches every minute.

Stitch Types

For more details on how to choose these, read pages 12, 13 and 12 in the manual for sewing machines that are at the bottom of this review.

Online Instruction Videos

The videos are made by the Singer Sewing Company. They give an overview of the M3500 and details on sewing the machine in the most efficient method of selecting buttons for the stitch and also how to change the needle. Also read Online Night Dresses In Pakistan.

Other Characteristics and Features

Other Characteristics and Features

It is critical to keep in mind that Singer often refers to the machine as having 110 stitch types. However, it doesn’t mean it is equipped with 110 kinds of stitches. However, the M3500 comes with 32 kinds of stitches.

The term “stitch application”, as defined by Singer, is a technique of sewing that can be performed using specific stitches.

The machine is built with an iron frame that weighs between 13.3 pounds. It’s a 120V machine, so avoid this if you live in a country with 220V.

M3500 is among the UL-certified machines. UL is the abbreviation for Underwriters Laboratories. It is a company which certifies that machines comply with safety requirements.

This is an independently-owned entity which has existed for over 100 years. If a machine is UL certified, then it is considered to have met its safety requirements.

Accessories of Singer M3500

The set includes four different presser foot models, comprising an all-purpose foot buttonhole foot button sewing foot zipper foot as well as a zip.

Also included are Bobbins (class fifteen transparent) needles as well as needles, the seam ripper, also known as a Screwdriver, a lint brush thread cap to spools, as well as a reference for quilting, darning plates, an additional pin to spool and dust covers which have soft.

Warranty of Singer M3500

The Singer M3500 comes with an extended warranty of 25 years. It is important to know that this warranty isn’t an assurance of 25 years for the entire machine. Instead, it is broken down into smaller pieces in the following manner:

Limited warranty for 25 years for your head machine.

A two-year guarantee for electrical parts such as motors, lighting, wiring and switches as well as speed control and electronic components.

90-day limited guarantee of belts and attachments, rings, bulbs, and adjustments.

Sewing Machine Manual

The manual (English only) is very extensive and has many images.

It covers the fundamentals of the machine, including threading the machine as well as sewing (walks through various functions) as well as other details about the sewing machine in general.

There is additional information on the maintenance of the machine as well as troubleshooting issues.

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