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Software of a CNC Machine: What it is and What it does

CNC machining, that is, by Computer Numerical Control, is a process used to control the movement of cutting tools by means of code. Often generated with computer software, in the manufacture of parts through the elimination of material.

An example of a machine is the CNC milling machine, which through the movement of a milling cutter. Performs chip removal to machine materials such as wood, composite, resins, carbon fibers or technical plastics, among others. But exactly what functions does the software have on a CNC machine?


The CNC machining software is the program in charge of designing and guiding the movements that we want the machinery to make through programming, which eliminates the need to perform the operation manually. Visit also: CNC Machine Parts

This software is often known as CAD-CAM software, although it is necessary to differentiate between what CAD is and what is CAM.

The DAC stands for design assisted by computer (computer-aided design) software is responsible for the designs of 2D and 3D. CAD is where the models and assemblies are designed so that the CAM converts these “virtual planes” into reality.

Thus, CAM, which stands for computer-aided manufacturing, will be in charge of making the design effective. Through CAM, the tool performs the trajectories that interest us to achieve the manufacture of manufactured parts, such as prototypes, metal plates or tubes.


The use of CAD / CAM software has greatly simplified the machining process. Today, the operator only needs to specify what he wants to do and the software will convert it into a code that he can understand and translate into the material to be worked on.

The advantages that the software has provided can be summarized in the following 7:

  • More precise finishes: there are fewer errors than by hand, which also allows more complex work to be done, as well as to repeat the same identical part as many times as it is needed.
  • Time saving: staff can spend more time on other operations, as their intervention is minimal.
  • Greater safety: this less intervention minimizes the risk of accidents.
  • Greater flexibility: by modifying the design in CAD software you can make variations easily and quickly.
  • Less waste of material: the CAM software will make it possible to make profitable the raw material available for the execution, using only the fair and necessary amount.
  • Energy savings: less time and the use of materials will have positive repercussions on both the company’s economy and the environment.


VCarve, Aspire 3D and Enroute are examples of CAD / CAM software commonly used on milling machines.

They are intuitive solutions for producing complex 2D patterns. With profile, cavity, hole and inlay toolpaths, as well as creating designs with V-cut textures. They also allow you to machine clip art in 3D.

One of the biggest fears of companies that still do not use CNC machinery. Is if they will be able to adapt to what new technologies offer. And if they will know how to use the software to perfection. We offer training to those who purchase our machines. As we are the first interested in each client getting the most out of them. Contact us and we will advise you promptly and professionally.

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