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Some Complaints that Can Spoil the Reputation of an HOA Management Company 

Every association needs to hire an HOA management company because it is not possible to carry out the tedious task of maintaining the community without professional assistance. These companies have financial experts and managers, who can take up these complex tasks and work with the association closely.

The reason why Phoenix hoa management companies are preferred is that it takes away the stress and effort of improving the community. However, many associations complain that they do not get the desired outcome even after hiring the best one. Some of the common complaints that can put a company in a bad shape are mentioned below:

Not getting any response from the company 

Even if the company is working on resolving the issue of a homeowner, it is important to reply to every email and phone. If a homeowner does not get a reply well on time, he starts to lose his confidence in the company.

That’s why it is strongly recommended to address the concern of the association or community people and let them know about how the issue is being taken care of.

Delays in resolving a problem

Every homeowner wants to get the issue resolved at the earliest. Depending on the severity of the problem, it may take several days and weeks. However, if the delay is unreasonable and unexplainable,

it may leave the association as well as the homeowner frustrated. A good HOA management company fixes the problem well on time and makes records of delays if any.

Maintenance issues

If the community is facing the problems such as broken pathways, congestion in a parking lot, litter and garbage on the road, and poorly maintained garden, clubs, and swimming pools, it can spoil the reputation of an HOA company to a great extent. It is suggested to try to repair and maintain the community properly.

Ineffective communication

Sometimes, a homeowner just wants to hear good words from the management. If the manager is rude, indifferent, and harsh, the entire company’s reputation is at stake. The company should keep responsible HOA managers with good communication skills.

Low-quality vendor services

If the vendors and contractors are unable to complete the project on time without any explainable reason, the company, community, and association are going to face serious consequences.  It also wastes a lot of time and money for the association.

A good homeowner association company can make a community the best place to spend your life.  


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