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Some Instructions you should follow after FUE Hair Transplant

FUE hair transplant in full is Follicular Unit Extraction. It is a type of hair transplant that dermatologists use to regrow hair with less or no hair. If you suffer from hair loss of any type, you can be a good candidate for FUE hair transplant treatment.
FUE hair transplant came about to replace FUT, which is the Follicular Unit Extraction procedure. This is because FUT hair transplant leaves some significant scars behind instead of FUE, where there are no visible scars. Due to this, FUE hair transplant has become more popular. Many people use the procedure to regrow their hair.
The method involves the extraction of hair follicles from the donor site, which is the area in which there are many hairs, and their transplantation on the recipient site, which is the area experiencing thinning of hair. The surgeon or the dermatologist performs this activity.

FUE hair transplant procedure

FUE hair transplant usually takes the below procedure.

1. Examination of the donor area

The surgeon examines the donor area of the patient. The donor area is the area with many hairs extracted for transplantation into the recipient a. It is usually at the backside of the scalp.
The surgeon will check if you have enough healthy hair that they will extract. They will also check whether your scalp is free from any infection. It will help them treat any complications first before the procedure.

2. Shaving

The technician will then shave your hair. It will help the surgeon see your scalp well during the procedure. They will also examine the donor area to see the number of grafts they will need for the procedure.

3. Designing the donor and the recipient area

Here, the surgeon will separate the donor and the recipient area. They will then make up their mind on the number of grafts they want for the recipient area. Doing this ensures that the donor doesn’t have to think of hair after the procedure.

4. Sterilization

Sterilization of the surgical site is usually essential. It helps in preventing any infection. The surgeon disinfects the place to lower any chances of folliculitis in the future.

5. Anesthesia

The surgeon provides a preserved local anesthesia on the entire scalp. They use anesthesia agents, which will reduce pain before they undertake any sensitive procedure.

6. Designing the hairline

Hairline designing is vital as it helps in obtaining a natural hair look. In this step, you will know whether you will have natural-looking hair or not.

7. Making a slit

The dermatologist will then build a slit in the recipient area. He uses the actual angle to do this. This activity will also contribute to your natural-looking hair.

8. Extraction

The surgeon uses a micro punch device to extract the hair follicles from the donor site. However, they will not destroy the hair roots. They then move them to the chillers.

9. Examination on the microscope

The process occurs in a modern and expensive way. It will help in knowing the quality and the life of hair grafts.

10. Implantation

This is the final FUE hair transplant procedure. The surgeon transplants the grafts on the recipient area. They use patented implanters. 

Instructions you need to follow after FUE hair transplant

There are some important instructions to follow after an FUE hair transplant. They include;

1. Sleeping with the head elevated

1. It would help if you slept with your head elevated on pillows on the night of your hair transplant and a few nights after the procedure. It would be best if you put the towel on the donor area to remove some discharge. The doctor will also give you some painkillers to relieve the pain.

2. The following morning, after carrying out the procedure, you need to take out the headband, wash and shampoo the scalp three times in the morning, afternoon, and evening.

3. You need to shower twice a day for the remainder of the week after the FUE hair transplant.

4. After the first week, you should use shampoo and apply it gently to the scalp. 

5. Within ten days after the procedure, the hair grafts are usually permanent. Therefore, you can go back to your usual hair care and use of shampoos.

6. You should keep away from taking alcohol for three days after the actual day of the procedure.

7. Never smoke for two weeks after FUE hair transplant.

8. You can go for a haircut three weeks after the procedure.

9. After four weeks, you may apply dye to your hair.


FUE hair transplant is an essential type of hair loss treatment for all people. The process undergoes the procedure such as examination of the donor area, shaving, sterilization, etc. You should consult your doctor some days before the treatment to know if you are suitable for the process. After the procedure, ensure that you observe the instructions, like not smoking or taking alcohol.

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