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SPSS vs SAS: Which One Is Better Than The Other

SPSS and SAS are some of the most popular data analysis tools in the market. But which tool should you use? Which tool offers more value for money? Well, these are not two easy questions to answer. So today we are going to make these two phenomenal tools compete against each other to find out which tool is better than the other.

Here are some of the key differences between both tools.

Basic Difference

SPSS is a software that is used for statistical analysis and scientific research by market researchers, health researchers, government, etc. The software is very reliable can be used for analyzing all types of data. Whereas SAS is a programming language that you can use for data analytics, data management, and predictive analysis. The programming language allows its users to easily work with and analyze large quantities of data. To learn how to use this magnificent programming language for analyzing large datasets feel free to join the SAS Training in Delhi.


SPSS is a phenomenal software and has a very user-friendly interface. Besides this, it features easy-to-use drop-down menus and is perfect for people who are not professional statisticians. Whereas SAS is not easy to learn and doesn’t feature a user interface. Besides this, it comes with strong data handling capabilities and can easily analyze large datasets. This makes this fantastic programming language a perfect fit for use in the commercial analytical space. Additionally, you must have basic coding knowledge to get the most out of the SAS. Thus in terms of user-friendliness, SPSS appears to be a better option than SAS.

Data Processing

In terms of data processing capabilities, SAS is faster and more reliable than SPSS. Yes, SPSS can process data easily and quickly. However, the software works best when the amount of data is not that big. On the other hand, SAS can easily handle and process large volumes of data. Besides this, it comes with various features like sorting and splitting the data which make the task of analyzing data even easier and quicker.

Ease of Learning

SPSS is very easy to use and learn. Besides this, it features a very user-friendly UI and you don’t have to be a coding expert to use it. Whereas SAS is not easy to learn and use if you don’t have basic knowledge about coding. This is mainly because the programming language uses Proc SQL. Thus it is very important that you have basic knowledge of coding or SQL if you want to work with it without any difficulty.

Decision Trees

You can easily implement decision tree algorithms using SPSS. However, you can’t easily implement a decision tree algorithm with SAS. To do this you have to buy a data mining suite which can be very costly for an organization that has very few resources.


SPSS is mainly used in universities and has a very simple and user-friendly interface. Besides this, it comes with click and plays functionality which allows its users to easily write code using it. Whereas SAS is perfect for use in commercial analytical space and features a flow-based interface. Besides this, it comes with drag and drop functionality and can easily handle large datasets.


SPSS is very costly and can’t work with large datasets. Besides this, it is also a little slow and comes with limited functionalities and features.  SAS is also very costly. However, it comes with lots of great features and you can also customize it as per your needs. Besides this, it can easily handle and process large datasets. You can also use it for data mining and data visualization.  To learn about the various features of SAS in detail feel free to join the SAS Training Institute in Noida.


Both SPSS and SAS are very helpful when it comes to analyzing data. But both of them have their own pros and cons. In terms of cost and user-friendliness, SPSS appears to be a better option. But you cannot use SPSS for analyzing large data. Thus if your work revolves around large datasets and money is not a constraint for you then you must use SAS. However, if money is a constraint for you and you don’t have to work with large datasets then you can go for SPSS.

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