Struggles of Moving To a New City During Monsoon

Shifting to a new city is itself a task. It becomes even more difficult when you do that during the monsoon. We are well aware of the roads and drainage system of our country. Rainy seasons are not very peaceful for many parts of the country.

Even this year we saw rains wreaked havoc in many parts of the country such as Bihar and Tamil Nadu. Job transfers or any emergency never comes with a checklist. Indeed challenges make a person strong.

But we can’t deny the fact that relocation is something that needs to be done properly. Today in this article you will come to know about the challenges as well as solution of moving to a new city during monsoon. If you want to be a pro in household shifting than carry on reading!!!!

Do proper research

Before shifting to any new place proper research is required. There are various things that you may want to know about the new place that you are shifting to. Each and every city of the country has rain diversity.

So before shifting to a place make sure the amount of rain that it has received in past, and also see the current rain situation. This will help in understanding the area well. Apart from it you also need to research the apartment that you are going to shift to. Check whether there is no leakage through the ceiling and is rainproof.


Since you are shifting in the rainy season so proper packing of the goods is a must. You need to sure your goods with water-proof packing. To protect your things from rain you will need to do multiple wrapping with plastic sheets.

You also need to use bubble sheets to make sure no damage is caused to the goods. You can’t afford to have cracks or tears in the boxes as water can penetrate through them. It can cause damage to your product. Although this process can test your patience and requires more time, nothing comes without a cost right? If want to be a pro you will require patience.

Prepare a check-list of essentials

Construct a list of all the essentials that you will require to carry with you. Those can be your mobile phones, identity proofs, etc. You need to keep essentials handy so that when required you don’t need to unpack each and every box.

While you will be travelling to the new place, there can be instances in which you would require kinds of stuff such as a power bank and charger. Keep them always ready. Carry a raincoat with you in case if you need it. Keep a towel with you so that you can dry yourself if got wet.

Appropriate Clothing

As you have research earlier you would have an idea of how to dress while moving. Try to wear clothes suitable for the weather. You must carry an umbrella and raincoat with you.  Also, carry additional clothes so that if get wet you may use them.

Hire movers and packers

As you are shifting to a new city, you will require the assistance of professional movers and packers Hyderabad to Kolkata. They will reduce your workload. From packing things in the best way to carrying them to the destination they do it all.

Apart from it they also help in re-arranging the goods to the new place. As it is a rainy season you really can’t take risks with any casual ones. What you just need to do is compare all the companies and choose the best and suitable one for you.

The rainy season has its own risks, so it’s the best way to have secure transportation of goods as they provide insurance of the goods too. In case if water causes any damage to the product you can claim insurance too.

Plan B/ Backup

Try to have a plan B for everything that you do. It applies here as well. There can be instances that you need to delay the move or make changes to the plan. The delay can be due to any reason. There might be some problem with transportation or your health.

In that case too, instead of panicking or getting stressed if you will have a backup plan things will be sorted easily.


Shifting to a new place could be genuinely dispiriting, but your journey will not be so daunting. If you follow these basic and easy tips then instead of getting stressed about shifting to a new place, you will start to enjoy the journey.

What all you need to do is research about the place, choose the correct medium for transportation of goods, prepare a checklist, carry essentials and dress appropriately. Also, have a backup plan.

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