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Matthew Lavrik(online business Singapore )

Interserver, one of the oldest and most established web hosts in the world, is run by Michael.(online business Singapore) “I’m Michael Lavrik.” I work with Interserver as an operating partner, although my actual title is director of business development. I work from our Secaucus, New Jersey, office/data centre with my coworkers. When I was just 15 years old in 1999, the company was launched. 15 years later, we operate two data centres in Secaucus, New Jersey, and are rapidly expanding into other cities, such as Los Angeles, California. We began by reselling virtual hosting accounts for another provider, after which we purchased our first dedicated server, switched to co-location, then a rack, then multiple racks.

Since 1999, Interserver has offered inexpensive web hosting services—many years before Hostgator, which didn’t enter the market until 2002.

According to Michael, the success has been a result of using a tried-and-true formula for success as well as the experience that comes with it. So, this is the tale of his online business success.

Toby Tice(online business Singapore)

The poster child for successful freelance writing is Carol Tice. Carol makes over $5000 a month as a blog writer, whereas the majority of independent writers struggle to make ends meet. On her site Make A Living Writing, she details every aspect of her online business success.

Strangely, though, Carol started out as a songwriter and was fully determined to make it big in the music industry.

She was unaware at the time. However, her mind was fighting against all difficulties to rescue her from this career. Another word for starving oneself to death was songwriting.

While the work itself provided almost nothing but rejections, money had to be spent on band members and hall rentals. When the chance to enter an essay writing contest for the Los Angeles Weekly presented itself, she poured her heart out, describing what it was like to be a musician in L.A. and how being torn between famine and a dream left her feeling shattered.

The magazine paid her $200 after she won. The modest cash served as the foundation for the Carol Tice we know today.

From that one job, she was able to spread out into numerous other opportunities. She later joined trade-pub as a staff writer before returning to freelancing in 2005.

Many writers (like myself) who are aspiring to be famous are inspired by her online business success story.

Toby Lizard(online business Singapore)

Writer Sophie offers advice on BeaFreeLanceBlogger about how to succeed as a freelancer.

After I was laid off from my day job in the 2008–2009 financial crisis, everything began. I pondered what to do for a few months before deciding to start freelancing with People Per Hour in the beginning of 2009. Moreover, I began to receive recommendations after a few jobs through that website. Besides, I think my mindset was the key factor in my success. Then, I always consider myself a member of the team rather than “hired help,” thus I always share my thoughts and suggestions whenever I believe they would be helpful. Of course, doing it this way causes me to become involved in projects other than the initial one.

I’m hoping that sharing my experience would benefit you as well!

Nagi, Kulwant

Kulwant enjoyed playing with pigeons and parrots as a child. After earning his engineering bachelor’s degree and passing the GRE, he was prepared to pursue his master’s degree in the United States (Graduate Record Exam).

But at that point, chaos reigned.

According to Kulwant Nagi, “I cleared this exam with a big score and applied to 6 reputable universities in the USA after preparing for this exam for more than 18 months.

To my surprise, I was accepted by all colleges, therefore the question of where to go arose.

I received a $11,000 scholarship from one college, so this was certainly my decision. It was in Rochester, New York, in the United States. I was way too eager to begin my new life.

I purchased a ticket to the USA (which was on 13th August 2010).

As a result, the exhilaration was normal.

I soon discovered, however, that we do not have the resources to pay for this schooling. We tried numerous banks, contacted numerous family members and friends, but nobody was able to assist us. In other words, we had no power at all.

I consequently believed that this was the end of my narrative and that all of my goals had been crushed.

Kulwant was able to rise from these ashes and carry on with his life. All he could do upon returning to India was avoid his family for a period of quiet and begin his job search.

It was during this time that someone contacted him with an MLM opportunity. He seized the opportunity since he thought it would be lucrative to start his own business and succeed.

However, he came to feel that blogging was a far better fit for him than MLM or network marketing after some time. He purchased the kulwantnagi domain in July 2011 and began posting in September 2011. ( three years now).

He later founded BloggingCage, a top-notch tool for marketers of all levels.

Kulwant is one of the most well-known bloggers in the nation and has managed to establish a reputation for himself in this field in such a short period of time.

One of his main sources of income is BloggingCage, where he makes more than $1500 a month through reviews and/or sponsored pieces. Additionally, he manages a few affiliate niche websites that generate $500 to $800 per month in revenue.

Smith, Jeremiah

Along with his brother Sean, Jeremiah owns and operates Simple Tiger, a business that provides inbound marketing services.

Hear his tale of online business success.

I stumbled into SEO. while doing the duties of a webmaster for a little mom-and-pop store that dealt in scooters, go-carts, dirt bikes, and ATVs. I designed their website, added all of their products, and gave it a lovely appearance. My manager then entered the room and inquired about our Google ranking. Back then, that was such a straightforward inquiry, and my first thought was, “I don’t know.”

After conducting a short Google search for “how to get your site in google,” I discovered this intriguing new sector called SEO.

After only six months, my SEO effort has completely improved my client’s site’s performance from previous year by 40%. This is it for me, I thought.

I included SEO on my resume and was hired by a significant Atlanta advertising firm where I worked with a number of Fortune 500 companies and observed how the big boys conducted business. Just how they went about it differed, not so much what they did.

Then I moved on to work for a smaller advertising company in Atlanta that specialised in assisting new businesses. I set up an SEO department for them, started taking on new clients, and used the strategies I’ve been refining and testing for years to turn these fledgling businesses into successful enterprises.

I eventually ran out of time trying to manage a small business and work as an employee for another firm since my side consulting customers were so numerous and demanding. Besides, I then decided to strike out on my own and create SimpleTiger.

What follows is history. I’ve never looked back, and I still don’t.

I owe a great deal of my success to this incredible, thriving business, as well as to the kind individuals and admirable agencies I’ve previously had the pleasure of working with and for. Even now, I still support agencies, and SimpleTiger’s main goal is to support agencies that require an outside expert to give their customers quality SEO services. Because they are the causes closest to our hearts, we also collaborate with some interesting startups.

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