Temporary Uplinking Benefits that you must not ignore

Temporary Uplinking allows you to live telecast an event over the television. It presents several opportunities that you can’t ignore.This article will intimate you with those benefits.

If you’re a non-news TV channel, you can uplink as a temporary service to broadcast live events to your viewers.  To do so, you need the permission of Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. As you can already gather from the name of the department, the procedure to obtain this permission is quite complicated.

So, why should you even care? Why should you exert your energy into obtaining the permission to live broadcast an event that people might not even watch? Answer to these questions lie in the temporary uplinking benefits that you must not ignore at any cost.

Temporary Uplinking: What is it?

Temporary uplinking is the temporary uplinking of an program to a satellite so that it can be instantly down linked and broadcasted live to the viewers.

Technical requirements aside, to uplink as a temporary service, you need the permission of Ministry of Information and broadcasting. It has set the following criteria that you must adhere to before you can apply for the permission of the same:

You must agree to go through the vetting process

To broadcast an event live is a powerful right. That’s why, in addition to Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, it’s the ministry of home affairs that assesses you as an applicant. You must agree to go through that assessment before applying for the license. Read More: Insurance Marketing Firm

You must be accredited with the Press Information Bureau

It’s imperative that you have the accreditation from the Press Information Bureau for it’s the primary criteria to meet if you wish to obtain the right to temporary uplink your channel’s program.

You must file the application early on

Preparing ahead of the time is the to key get the permission for temporary uplinking. Thus, you need to apply for the permission to temporary uplink your channel at least 15 days before you broadcast the live event.

Benefits of temporary uplinking an event

Following are the benefits to temporary uplinking that you must consider before you get apprehensive about filing the application to obtain its permission.

People always show interest in live events

Recent stats show that it’s not the simple entertainment programs, it’s the live events that people fancy. In the world where TV channels are trying to race ahead to get better TRPs, live event broadcasting is one tool that you can use to win it.

It’s cost efficient

Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, in an effort to make temporary uplinking more accessible, has taken steps to reduce the application processing fee of temporary uplinking.

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You won’t need to take any step on your own

Most are often apprehensive about applying for the permission because of the complicated steps that it entails. Also, It’s not just about filing the application and attaching the documents. There is also the matter of drafting a cover letter good enough that it convinces the ministry of home affairs that broadcasting a particular event won’t put the security of the nation in jeopardy. That’s why, it’s now you who needs to file the application. You can delegate this task to the MIB consultants. These experts can take care of all the legal steps you need to take to obtain the permission to get temporary uplinking, regardless of how complicated they are.


Temporary uplinking registration is the permission to temporarily uplink an event and broadcast it live to the audience. The process to obtain it can be needlessly complex.

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But don’t let that difficulty digress from the benefits that are mentioned in this blog. If you require further details about temporary uplinking, consult with Registrationwala.

In this blog, we have discussed the benefits that you must not ignore. Uplinking as a temporary service allows you to broadcast live events via your television channel. Read to know the benefits that come with it.

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