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The Expense of Owning a Condo in Singapore

Many people consider that only well-to-do and rich can afford to live in a private condominium in Singapore. It is general because these properties cost twice or thrice more than an HDB flat. But at least, you are out of the rules and regulations that an HDB flat owner has to follow. And there are several other restrictions on property-owning and tenure as well. If you want to live independently and free from every restriction and strict regulation, give the latest launch condos a try.

The Avenir is ready to welcome its dwellers and is equipped with every possible lux that you may want to have in your condo. The entry prices are must start from $2950psf approximately. It has 376 units in total and is worth your investment.

The developer has tried to shorten the amount without compromising the amenities and quality aspects. It offers bedroom units of minimum 1 and maximum to 4 and the prices fluctuate consequently.

So what is a condominium?

In short, it’s private property. In which the interior allotted space is owned by you but the exterior spaces are shared by everyone in that condo. The units do offer an extensive range of amenities and clear structures like pools, parks, BBQ, etc.

Condo prices in Singapore do vary according to the location, area, and type of development. But yes, it’s far easier to buy a condo rather than an HDB flat. As, while purchasing a condo there’s no income ceiling. In addition, there will be no restrictions to own other properties while you own a condo. Hence, you can be an owner of an HDB flat and then become an owner of a condo again.

How much do you need to earn if you wish to own a condo in Singapore?

This depends on the cost of your condo and your financial situation. Nowadays, you get good home loans and several offers to start with an easy down payment. For that, you can often check with a home loan advisor for perfect guidance.

These days, condominiums are being delivered in a largely budget-friendly spectrum. Comprehending the desire and wants of the community, makers do not charge sky-touching prices. In addition to this, they offer numerous payment alternatives. Did you ever hear about rental offers for these beautiful condominiums? You can opt for that and have a pocket-friendly deal with your dealer.

The best site to begin your condo journey is Finest Services. You can start searching and comparing the selected condos there. It provides a long list of new launch condos with a review of each. The anonymous agents of the team themselves go and experience the services. Every effort is made to provide accurate data. You can read about The Avenir here and get ready with your checklist.

It’s so easy to understand and compare with realistic reviews. So why not try a reliable review source before investing such a huge amount? Finest services endeavor to update its content as per the new launch condos – The Commodore, Watergardens at Canberra, Canninghill Piers and others. Come and if there’s any update comes.

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