The Impacts of Digital Tools on Students Writing

In recent years, technology has had tectonic impacts on education. Technology has now become a part of education. It is all because of digital tools, as students now can get greater help in their academic writing. They can improve their writing skills through these digital tools. Writing skills are important for the academic career of students. But these digital tools impact both positively or negatively the writing of students.

How changing the environment of student’s writing?

About ten years before, students had different ways to access their writing assignments. It is difficult for them because these ways require much of their time to spend. If students want to get knowledge or information about their assignment work, they visited their institutions’ libraries. After many searches, they found the related information or knowledge. They only had access to limited information, or they wrote their writing work in a very formal or typical manner.

But now, this method of writing is becoming different. Because now students have greater access to all types of knowledge or information they want to get through their smartphones. Due to this technology, they easily have access to all types of information. Or they can get different information as compared to their library books information. It becomes possible for students, or they can have access to all researched studies easily. Today, online cheap assignment help UK is helping students in their research process and their assignment writing. That’s why with digital tools, the writing skills of students changed completely.

How has changed plagiarism now?

With digital tools or the internet, students can get all knowledge easily that they need. It is also sometimes creating issues for students in citing their work correctly. These issues come because most students don’t know that online journals and websites also need to be cited properly. In this way, the teachers or educators can help the students; they should visit different sources and then educate students on how they can use these sources in their writing. Students also can get help through online tools. There are present best online tools that help to build the right citation of all types of sources.

But the worse part is that the students who are using online sources show this writing material as their writing. It is an issue that we should keep on top. It is an issue that creates plagiarism. There are also present plagiarism detectors that indicate that the student’s work is their own or copy-paste. In short, we can say that now changed plagiarism than before.

Language of students

Nowadays, the language that students are using in their easy or assignment writing is also a problem. They can use that language in which they communicate with their friends. So this language is not suitable for their academic writing. Chatting becomes more popular among students, or the language is not perfect for academic texts. There is also present a blurred line between informal or formal writing. It is also another issue that impacts badly on the students writing. They should need to improve their writing skills.

In education, some drawbacks of the digital tools

A lot of issues that are created due to digital tool. So the drawbacks of digital tools are:

  1. Digital tools are becoming shortcuts to learning
  2. All students do not have equal access to digital tools
  3. Digital tools are also distractions for students


  • Digital tools are becoming shortcuts of learning.

Digital tools are becoming shortcuts of learning. That is a benefit as well as a disadvantage for students. It is beneficial because, in a short time, students can get access to more information than they want. But it is a disadvantage because students have less patience. They want to write in a short time. Or for this purpose when there searching for information, they don’t check all information or think about their topic properly. They get information within seconds without properly checking it is relevant to their topic or not. So they should know properly about their topic then find out the best answers they want to include in their writing.

  • All students do not have equal access to digital tools.

Teachers think that all their students have access to computers or phones, but it is not true. Although almost all people have these technologies in their homes, few of them did not have these facilities. It means all students don’t have equal access to these digital tools. So teachers should help those who don’t have access to digital tools. With this unequal access, there is develop a gap between students. So that is also a drawback of digital tools; if all students don’t get access, it will change their performance.

  • Digital tools are also distractions for students.

Teachers already know about the distractions of the phone during class time. If they want mobile phones to use for education, they should try to stop the students from being distracted through these tools.

In education, advantages of the digital tools.

Digital tools also having several benefits in using them in the classroom. These benefits are:

  1. Easy collaboration
  2. Broader audience to share work
  3. Opportunity for students to being creative
  4. Educators also can get help with these digital tools.


  • Easy collaboration

If teachers want to teach their students together, then the best option is digital tools. Students can work together in their assignment writing projects through these tools even when they are not present in classrooms physically. Students can also make their teams with the students of other countries or taste the education of other countries.

  • Broader audience to share work.

Now with digital tools, students can share their writing work with a broader audience online. Or they can get more ownership or appreciation of their work by sharing it with others. So it is best for students as they can make their writing skills better.

  • Opportunity for students to being creative

Students now have a lot of expressions ranges due to digital tools. They can write their assignments in various ways. Or they can get more choices of writing or can improve their writing skills in a better way.

  • Educators also can get help with these digital tools

Now almost all teachers are using digital tools or getting more teaching experiences. They can get instruction in different ways that help them in teaching.

However, digital tools are not the worst for students all time. If they are using them in the right ways, they can improve their writing. Or students can easily use these tools because they are easy to use.

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