The importance of Identity checks while employing in business world

ou must be familiar with the concept of identity checks as they are an essential part of the hiring process in many organizations. The exact information of the candidate that you are going to hire is necessarily required and identity checks provide you with all the information certification you need. To move forward with the decision of hiring an employer, doing identify verification checks as and advanced background check is much important. Peopletrail provides you actionable insight into employees’ background which you can trust for getting authentic resources and give you an essential identity verification tool to speed up your employment process. An important thing to note is that identity checks do not give information about an individual’s criminal record or history.

The importance of identity checks

Identify checks or verifications provide verification of a person’s address and name. After identity checks, one can perform better advanced background checks. It is because verified name and address are most crucial when it comes to background verification of employees within an organization. Identity checks refrain people from providing false or bogus information about their names and addresses. If we look upon identity databases, such as criminal records, sex offender’s records, and justice courts, all of them use names and addresses to keep records of the claimed persons.

People are using fake identities for the application and hiring of employment procedures. In 2019, as reported by the Federal Trade Commission (FDC), identity theft became most common. Companies, therefore, adopt identity verification so that the candidates they hire in their organizations have passed identity check tests. While attaining a screening atmosphere in your organization, it is essential to get your employees’ identity checks done so that an added level of security and safety is added to your work environment. Consider an employee in your organization who is using a fake identity. He can be a threat to your organization because he can go to any lengths. This scenario makes you understand the importance of identity verification in the form of identity checks being installed into your organization before hiring.

A company that does not undergo advanced background checks as these cannot become a successful and growing organization. Identity checks not only give verification to the clients but also give the name of trust and quality to your organization. Unfairness and corruption are no more by exercising identity checks verification within organizations.

SSN trace and Personal checks

At Peopletrail, identity verification is a very smooth process and requires a different number of steps. By using SSN trace, one can know the birth year, address, history, and insurance of an individual. However, personal checks are of various types and one must acknowledge all the types that are being used in the process of identity verification. Following are the types of identity checks that are most common for identity verification purposes.

  • Person’s name check
  • Address verification
  • Person’s DOB check
  • Social Security identity
  • Credit Verification
  • Social Security Fraud Alerts
  • Drug checks
  • Criminal record history
  • Social Media Identity
  • Reference checks


Why Peopletrail for identity checks?

Many organizations need Advanced background checks to make the hiring process smooth and efficient. An identity check, moreover, is a foundational part of many advanced background checks because it confirms the basic information of candidates during hiring. There is a proper process of Identity Check at Peopletrail. With Peopletrail, the information of the applicant is managed to be checked through a continuous step-by-step procedure


Legal rights to work status,

Full name,

Birth year,

Insurance numbers,

Current, and past addresses.

Proper as well exhaustive background checks, which ensure an actionable and deep insight into the candidates’ past and present; basically everything you need to know about a person before hiring him. Peopletrail, being PBSA verified gives you more reasons to select us for your background screening needs in the form of advanced background checks. Accurate results are just some minutes away. The platform made by Peopletrail is very easy so that everyone gets access and help. Social security search and social security fraud alerts, everything Peopletrail manages for its clientele. We offer safety for not only the clients but also the organization.

Advanced background checks are necessary for business organizations and many organizations are helping people in doing advanced background checks; Peopletrail is one of them. Using actionable insight, high-quality advanced background checks services are provided to the customers of Peopletrail. Amongst the United States, people trail is a top-notch background checking company. Therefore, if your company or organization ever needs identity checks with quality and guaranteed results, contact Peopltrail for consultations immediately.



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