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The Maternity Apparel Guide 101

Being pregnant is a sheer blessing! When you are pregnant, you observe continuous changes in your body. Your face is glowing, there is a baby bump, and the body size is increasing and what not! With the changes in the body- comes a constant worry of finding the right clothes to fit.

Just because you are going through this fluctuating phase, you need not worry about how you would look or compromise on your style. There is a perfect solution for you- maternity wear! Huge thanks to the modern designers that ensure a rich style even in maternity wear, allowing the women to embrace motherhood. Moreover, flaunt the fashionable style with their baby bumps!

When is the right time to buy maternity wear?

This is a constant question that trouble mommies who are expecting for the first time. Many women are not keen on spending a budget for specialized maternity wear, as they adjust with whatever they can. However, it depends on every individual and their comfort.

There is no fixed time; when to purchase maternity wear as no two bodies have the same transitions and pregnancy experience. Generally, it is recommended after the first six months. However, here are some hints that would indicate it is time for you to get the pregnancy clothes as well as the and the nursing clothes.



nursing clothes
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  • Buttons of your pants make you feel suffocated
  • You start feeling comfortable in spandex and lycra material clothes
  • Feeling bloated day and night
  • The bump is getting bigger
  • Button-down shirts are not fitting

What to look for when shopping for maternity clothes

Be vigilant on how you spend your budget. This is just a minor expense of the whole journey ahead. Therefore, you should be wise when making your choices of clothes. It is also necessary to choose clothes that would come in handy even after giving birth.

The best way to shop and make the most of every penny you spend is by keeping these tips in mind:

Select stretchy material

The weight and size of your body are most likely to change during the pregnant period. What may seem loose for you now can be a tight fit in three months? Thus, it is essential to buy clothes that can adapt to your changing body.

One should look closely at the type of material before making a purchase. Indeed, cotton is comfortable and soft. However, if you are looking in the long run- anything with a flexible fabric, like Spandex, is a good choice.

Think beyond the maternity phase

There are some modern and advanced maternity clothing available in today’s time. For example, some maternity clothing has a way of supporting the stomach. Hence, keeping the moms at ease. Likewise, there are some companies that also integrate nursing features in their maternity wear.

It is a win-win case! If you purchase clothing from this style- your maternity period is also looked after. And, even after giving birth, when you want to breastfeed the nursing feature in the maternity dress will come in handy.

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