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The Reason Why QR Code Marketing Campaign Is So Popular

Customer experience will be the single most significant factor driving sales in 2020. A wonderful experience is important to 73 percent of consumers when it comes to influencing their brand loyalty. (marketing campaign)

According to what we’re witnessing at Beaconstac in terms of increasing customer experience in-store and in the real world, it looks that more and more people are willing to pull out their smartphones and scan a QR code these days.

When marketers first sought to use QR codes in the United States a few years ago, they were ahead of their time. Scanning a QR code required downloading a custom program, mobile internet was slow and expensive, and landing pages weren’t designed for small displays. All of that changed in 2018 with the iOS 11 and Android 8 releases. To scan a QR code, all you have to do now is point your camera at one.

In the United States, the use of QR codes is rapidly increasing.(marketing campaign)

QR codes, popularised by the messaging app WeChat, have invaded every area of life in China. QR codes are used for everything from payments to restaurant menus to collecting coupons. This is why everyone cites China’s adoption as proof that, when utilized correctly, QR codes can drastically improve user experience.

Many big brands in the United States made QR codes a key element of their consumer experience in 2019. QR codes are more important than ever before.

QR Codes are used to establish Instant Checkout stations at Nike’s flagship store in New York City. This means that you will no longer have to wait in line. You can walk out after scanning the QR code and making the payment on your phone. The business also uses QR Codes on mannequins to create smart trial rooms, which allow you to scan QR Codes and have things delivered to you right in the trial room.

Puma recently made another noteworthy move by incorporating QR Codes to give Augmented Reality material. You can take a picture with their mascot by scanning the QR code in their flagship store.

PepsiCo’s Give it Forward campaign, Chick-fil-app’s downloads, and NBCUniversal’s shoppable advertising are among the brands that have created waves by using QR Codes in their approach.

What is it about QR Codes that makes them so popular? (marketing campaign)

There are other reasons to use QR Codes in your marketing arsenal, aside from the fact that they effortlessly connect the physical and online worlds.

You can use them to launch a webpage, save someone’s contact information, make a call automatically, listen to an audio track, download a user manual, and more.
QR codes are dynamic in nature: Whether it’s a new offer or gathering feedback through a survey, you may change the campaign you’re running at any time. You can perform all of this in real-time with dynamic QR Codes, and you won’t have to modify the code once they print it.

They boost the effectiveness of print marketing: Users continue to consume material and learn about brands through newspapers, magazines, direct mailers, banners, and even digital billboards. Placing a QR Code on print material allows you to collect important metrics like scan rate, engagement, and more, allowing you to assess the effectiveness of that marketing channel.

In addition, you can retarget offline users using QR codes: Thanks to Beaconstac’s QR Code platform, they can now retarget offline customers who scan QR codes online via Google and Facebook ad campaigns. For brands, this opens up a whole new level of contact with their products in the real world. They may target me through campaigns that are aware of my product interactions in-store if I scanned a QR code on the display window of a retail store where I went shopping.

We can customize QR codes in a variety of ways:(marketing campaign)

You can personalize the QR Code by adding a logo, a frame, and a CTA, or changing the data pattern to match your branding (read a tutorial on how to create a custom QR Code)
Where will QR codes appear next?

Hulu has announced a major update to its streaming platform that will allow consumers more control over advertisements. Viewers can now interact directly with brand commercials by scanning QR Codes, similar to how NBCUniversal uses QR Codes in their shoppable ads.

In addition, brands are also using QR codes to collect feedback in order to enhance their service. Timpson, a UK-based store, has experienced a 14 percent rise in consumer feedback since implementing QR codes at checkout.

Besides, smart packaging is another area that is quickly adopting QR codes and NFC tags. Aesthetics, direct consumer communication, recycling initiatives, customer loyalty programs, product re-orders, validating product authenticity, and so on are all reasons why nearly every major CPG brand is using them.

By 2022, according to Juniper Research, 1 billion smartphones will be able to scan QR codes. Consumer companies cannot afford to miss out on this opportunity to communicate with their customers in a direct and meaningful way.

QR Code Platform by Beaconstac

The Beaconstac QR code marketing platform, designed for consumer companies, offers the distribution, management, and tracking of QR code marketing campaigns at scale.

Schedule a demo with our sales team to discover more about why brands like Nestle and Johnson & Johnson trust our solution.

Furthermore, mobile devices are able to read and comprehend QR Codes, also known as Quick Response Codes. This has been utilized in a variety of marketing materials, including billboards, publications, web pages, and everything else that can be marketed. QR codes are able to provide additional information about the product or service without much effort, and they it transmit the information to the user’s device in a timely manner.

QR codes, in their most basic form, encourage interaction and engagement through the use of mobile phones. Businesses are given the opportunity to provide users with information by utilizing this type of marketing technique. Users have reached their breaking point with anything that is sluggish or time-consuming. Above all, when it comes to the business of marketing, being prompt and nimble is of the utmost importance.

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