The Wedding Cake Is a Wonderful World of Its Own!!!

We have so many options and choices in today’s environment. They can contact folks through phone, smartphone, cell phone, email, or ordinary mail. We can drive, bike, bus, or walk to get anywhere. This type has naturally found its way into one of our most cherished and honored traditions…the wedding cake. Choosing the cake’s taste and icing’s color is only the beginning. You will also need to find the perfect wedding cake topper for your unique cake. This post will focus on the wedding cake. We will start with the history of the tradition and work our way up to choosing the appropriate topper for that unique wedding cake. 


The wedding cake has changed. Initially a primary fertility sign, it has evolved into an artistic heritage with numerous artistic interpretations. Wheat was a symbol of fertility and abundance for many ancient peoples. The Romans used to “wish” fecundity on the newlyweds by throwing wheat grains at them. This custom evolved into bringing wheat cakes to the wedding banquet. People would then crumble this cake over the bride’s head, wishing them “many children.” This symbolically shared good fortune was symbolized by eating the dropped crumbs.

Many believe this “crumbling of the cake” over the bride’s head is a wedding day ritual. Do you know? Before the “crumbling custom,” bridesmaids threw a towel over the bride’s head to shelter her from the incoming wheat rain. Many believe this simple linen became the modern wedding veil.

The Middle Ages

During the Middle Ages, sweet rolls or buns replaced the traditional wheat cakes, but guests still brought them to the wedding. If the happy couple could kiss over this big heap of wheat, it was believed they would be blessed with many offspring. Around the 17th century, a French pastry chef is said to have taken the next step in creating the traditional cake. He saw this “cake piling” ritual in London. He sprinkled the buns with sugar in France, “cementing” them into one delectable art form. In the years to come, this would become the first incarnation of the tier-and-frosted wedding cake.

Classic Design

Do you know the current wedding cake’s classic style? I’m talking about the cake that has fewer stages as it rises vertically. The spire of London’s Saint Bride’s Church is thought to have influenced this model. That’s some trivia for you. We owe a lot to Victorian England. For example, Queen Victoria reportedly ate a 300 lb cake. As confectioners and bakers became increasingly bold and skilled, so did their creations. Princess Elizabeth and Prince Phillip’s wedding cake weighed 500 kg and were 9 feet tall.

Today’s Version

Expensive wedding cakes are no longer just for the wealthy. Every couple can enjoy the tradition of a wedding cake on their special day. Today’s wedding cake artists have elevated their craft to new heights (pardon the pun). The days of a white cake with white frosting are long gone. While a white cake will undoubtedly always be the most conventional, today’s couples are only restricte by their inventiveness (and budget).


White is the colour of a wedding, but did you know that it is also the colour of a wedding cake? The more acceptable components for a wedding cake were uncommon in Victorian times. If the cake had white icing, only the most refined white sugar was utilise. Brown sugar was cheaper because it was more common. The more decadent the people, the whiter the cake. Buy cakes online and make the wedding more memorable.

Remember Your Budget

Before you allow your creativity to run wild, think about your finances. You want your wedding day to be a happy occasion, not a financial nightmare. A cake’s price often surprises guests. Remember that you are asking an artist to create a masterpiece for you and that this will often be reflect in the price. Labour is frequently the most expensive part of making a wedding cake, but keep in mind that fondant is more expensive than buttercream. Have you considered staging your work? Then this. Consider the wedding cake stand when planning. Some cakes are place on flat boards, while others are lavishly exhibited on gorgeous stands for everybody to see. Remember that the cake table must be proportional to the cake. A table too small will make the cake appear too huge, while a table too large will make it appear too small. Also, your table will need a lovely covering to match its prominent position at the wedding celebration. Oh, and the cake knife and server. These two items must also be on the table.


The topper completes your wedding cake. The exquisite design or figure set atop a wedding cake is call a “wedding cake topper.” While some couples prefer a simple cake, many choose the last “crowning touch”, the wedding cake topper, lying on top of the upper tier of the cake. Vintage plastic “bride and groom” have likely been replace with the classic porcelain figurine.

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