Things To Know About Deadly Truck Accidents in Florida

Deadly truck accidents occur more times than anyone has ever thought; in 2018, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety released the Deadly truck accident statistics of 4,136 people dying from the fatal accidents. That is not enough; it went further to show that in 2018 the number of truck accidents deaths had increased by 31% from 2009 where truck accidents fatalities were the lowest. The Deadly truck accident statistics information will help people know how to avoid such accidents. Here is what you need to know:

What causes Commercial trucks accidents?

Accidents that involve commercial trucks can be deadly and dangerous as the few victims who tend to survive this is left with severe injuries that mostly have lifetime effects. The IIHS says that truck accident deaths normally occur to the people riding or driving passenger cars because of their vulnerability. Commercial trucks normally weigh up to forty tons, and they are rarely likely to make sudden stops when the need arises to avoid crashing other small vehicles.

The data from IIHS on the large truck fatalities revealed that at least 96% of those who died in a two-vehicle accident were people in passenger vehicles. Moreover, 11% of motor vehicle deaths were caused by commercial trucks, and over half of these accidents occurred on significant roads than freeways, and only 14% occurred on minor roads. The statistics further show that among the fatalities, 31% were hit head-on by the rucks while 24% were side struck by and 235 were hit by the rear of the truck.

The inability of a commercial truck to make abrupt stops highly contributes to these accidents. However, semi-truck deaths rarely happen to passenger vehicle occupants only. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported that in 2018 the fatalities increased at the highest rate than it has ever seen for the past 30 years. An average of 885 large truck occupants died in 2018, the highest number ever since 1988.

Tips on avoiding commercial truck accidents

Everyone knows that commercial truck accidents are tragic and lead to immediate deaths; people need to be educated on how to avoid getting involved in such accidents. Both the truck drivers and passenger vehicle drivers need to understand the following tips to reduce the rate of fatal accidents caused by commercial trucks:

Keep off blind spots

Commercial trucks typically have more blind spots than all the other vehicles; thus, it is essential if one could stay away from the ruck’s blind spots that can be twenty feet in front, 30 feet behind, and the drivers’ side lane going to the back at least half-length of the trailer. You can determine this by checking if the truck’s mirrors are visible; if they are not visible, know that the driver cannot see those behind them.

Be cautious

You should always use caution before passing a commercial truck; remember that large trucks cannot suddenly stop like small vehicles as they need more time to adjust the speed and find a stopping angle. Therefore, passenger vehicles drivers should be careful when passing trucks when going up or down the hill as this can naturally increase or reduce speed. It is advisable to overtake a truck to easily see the other end of the road and ensure that you are always on the right lane.

Leave enough space

The passenger vehicle drivers should highly avoid being close to a truck for an extended period. The drivers driving close to trucks are increasing the chances of getting involved in commercial truck accidents. Because when there is sudden braking, high winds, and tire blowouts, you are likely to be the first ones to be affected. Furthermore, drivers are advised to maintain and keep a safe driving distance behind commercial trucks, which should at least allow one full car length between them.

Avoid distractions while driving.

Distractions while driving increase the risk of being involved in such accidents; therefore, drivers are advised to avoid any activity that might take their minds off the road. Common distractions include mobile phones, food, talking to other passengers, and concentrating on other unimportant outside activities. Avoiding these keeps your mind on the road and reduces any harm.


The deadly truck accident statistics show how truck accident fatalities are increasing every day. To avoid this, we need to educate our drivers on the precautions they should be taking while on the road. Every driver needs to be responsible to reduce such accidents.

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