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Tinder Gold Apk free download latest version for Android

Tinder is a very widely used app today. How not, this application is the easiest matchmaking application and can be adjusted according to the criteria you want. So you can get the partner you’ve always beylikdüzü escort wanted.

If you’re interested in someone on a Tinder page, you can just swipe and hit the heart button. But if you don’t like it you can swipe left and leave it.

Tinder is already used by more than 1 billion users from all over the world. And has produced a lot of matches and really helped many people find their dream lover. You are also interested in the application? Let’s see the article to the end.

What is Tinder gold?

Tinder is a very popular first dating site and very easy to use. But in the Play Store, this application has a premium version, so you have to buy features from within the application to be able to enjoy many of the features needed.

So, we recommend that you use the mod version of Tinder Gold. So that you don’t have to spend money when you want to use features on the Tinder application.

Tinder Gold Mod is a modified application of the original version of Tinder on the Play Store. With Tinder Gold Mod apk you can enjoy many premium features and gold to your heart’s content. The features of the application are no less cool, see the information and features below:

Tinder Gold Mod Apk Information

  • App Name : Tinder Gold Apk
  • Version: 12.11.0
  • Application Size: 44 MB MB
  • Update : September 19, 2019
  • Android: 5.0+
  • Mod: Premium and Gold

Features of Tinder Gold Mod Apk

  • No features to pay for
  • The application is very easy to use even for beginners
  • No annoying ads
  • Swipe passport free of charge
  • Can cancel a date
  • Can swipe without restrictions
  • There is an unlimited likes feature
  • Anti-stress and without rejection
  • Location changer feature available
  • Chat features available from all over the world
  • Swipe Gold and Premium easily

Download Tinder Gold Mod Apk (Unlock Gold Mode)

From the features you can see above, the advantage of using this Tinder Gold Mod Apk is that gold and premium features can be obtained easily. Well, for those of you who are increasingly interested and want to download the application, please download it at the link below: Tinder Gold Free

How to Install

To install an application outside the Play Store is the same as installing another application. If you are confused about how to install the application, follow these steps:

  • First, make sure you have downloaded the application that we have shared on the link above. Select one of the shared links.
  • After that, look for the downloaded application in the download folder.
  • Double-tap the application so that the download process will run.
  • Don’t be surprised if there is an “Unknown Source” notification just tap ALLOW.
  • If so, wait until the application installation process is complete.
  • If so, you can already find a match with Tinder.

How to use

If you have never used the Tinder application, see how to use the application below:

  • First, please create a Tinder account with a Facebook account. Later the Facebook profile will be linked to the Tinder application.
  • Next set your profile to be as attractive as possible, make sure to use the best profile photo so you can get more matches.
  • Manage your attraction to your partner by setting the gender section.
  • You can also set the location of the person you want to date, up to the desired age range.
  • Later will appear people who might match you.
  • If you see a profile that catches your eye, swipe up on the smartphone screen and tap on the person’s heart.
  • If the person you are talking about is also interested in you, you can directly chat with that person.
  • Make sure to make the chat fun and not dry.

Strengths and weaknesses

This Tinder Gold Mod Apk application is a modified version of the original version on the Play Store. So the advantages and disadvantages must be in the application as follows:

Advantages of Tinder Gold Mod Apk

The advantages of the Tinder Gold Mod Apk have been described above. Where you can enjoy all the Gold and Premium facilities in the application without having to pay a penny. This app is free and you can find the right match to be your life partner forever.

Disadvantages of Tinder Gold Mod Apk

Because this application is a modified version, of course, it does not get official permission from the application developer. So it is very vulnerable to getting banned. For that, while the application is still working and the features can still be used. Immediately download the application to find a dream mate.


What is the minimum Android specification for this application Tinder Gold Mod Apk?

Minimum Android 5.0 +

Can iOS users use Tinder Gold Mod Apk?

No, for now, iOS users cannot use the Mod version of Tinder

What features are available in the Tinder Gold Mod Apk application?

Premium features and free gold at no charge.


Tinder Gold Mod Apk allows you to use premium features and gold for free. With this application, you can freely date whoever you want. And get to know girls and boys from all over the world.

That’s the Tinder Gold Mod apk application that we can share with you. This application will help those of you who are confused to get a suitable partner. Hopefully, the articles that we share are useful, thank you.

Tinder Plus

Tinder Plus is the first paid version of the app, released in 2015. Has that changed a lot? Well actually, not really. Certainly, it was necessary to cut the free version of certain options to justify the subscription to a paid version. But the heart of the application: swipe and chat, remains available on the free version of the application. However, some features should allow you to perform as many matches as possible while putting the odds in your favor. So let’s see precisely what it changes to subscribe to a paid Tinder subscription.

1 boost per month


In our opinion, this option is arguably the most interesting of the whole Tinder Plus pack. It allows you to boost your profile for 30 minutes. This means that during these 30 minutes, your profile will appear as a priority to the girls who are on the application. Your profile is more visible, and therefore, you are much more likely to match.

This is an option that is not available on the free version. This is a real advantage for you, provided you put it to good use!

Unlimited swipes

This is the main measure taken against the free version of Tinder: without a paid subscription, you can only like 50 profiles per day. If you subscribe to the paid option, however, you can spend your day swiping and liking as many profiles as you want.

However, this option is not essential. 50 likes per day, that’s already a lot of people!

Going back


If you are registered on Tinder, this has probably happened to you: the accidental swipe! However, on the free version, as soon as you have swiped, even if you made a mistake, it’s too late to do anything about it! If you liked it by mistake, that’s okay, you can always delete the match. On the other hand, if it is on the left that you accidentally swiped, then this profile is lost! And there is nothing more annoying about this app! With Tinder Plus, you, therefore, have the opportunity to go back and correct your mistake.

5 super likes per day

On the free version of Tinder, you are entitled to one super like per day. With your paid subscription, on the other hand, you can send up to 5 daily. It is therefore rather a good advantage.

A great like lets the person you want to know that you have fallen in love with their profile! The girl in question will therefore be notified and your profile will appear with a little blue star. While a super-like can catch the attention of a girl you liked, that won’t be enough to make her like you! But it’s a good way to signal your interest in it to put the odds in your favor.

Passport to swipe around the world


As you probably know, on Tinder, you can only swipe in your geographic area. With this option, you no longer have this geographic limitation, and you can see the profiles of singles around the world. For us, that’s not really a defining option, because the further away from the people, the less opportunity you’ll have to meet in real life, so what’s the point? On the other hand, if you are planning a trip, then you may well be one step ahead! If you travel a lot, the passport option can therefore be very useful for you to escort beylikdüzü anticipate.

These are all the options that are available thanks to the paid version of Tinder. Some will be very useful to you, others not so much. It’s up to you to see if you think that one or more of them will allow you to maximize your chances of meeting. On the other hand, no option can allow you to make your profile more attractive. Taking care of your profile is therefore necessarily the first step in maximizing your chances of a match.

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