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Tips for Successful Layout of your sales Premises

For your project to launch a new store or renovate an existing store, it is important to think about the layout of your products or your items in your salesroom. Shop equipment is a necessary reality for all businesses. You need quality materials to raise the level and excite your customers.  Here are 10 tips to help you better design a sales area. 

1- Call on a store layout specialist

Recruiting an expert is an essential investment for the success of your store over time. Innovo notably offers its services to meet your expectations in the layout of your store. Listening and qualified teams support you in your project. They carry out an à la carte layout while respecting budgets and deadlines.

2- Use appropriate boutique fitting furniture

The store fitting professional can help you choose the right products and furniture for your new or renovated store. Innovo provides you with furniture in several colors and different finishes. Choose functional, refined furniture that matches your job.

3- Find the right price to fit out your store without breaking the bank

Find out about the prices for the fitting out of sales premises in the market. Compare various prices offered by specialists while taking into account the quality of services. Before any intervention, Innovo gives you an estimate which is established according to your needs.

4- Think about your customers above all

When setting up your sales premises, you must prioritize your customers’ needs. Don’t try to save space in your store, because it only clutters and spoils the atmosphere. Trust the know-how and the sense of creativity of the specialists who take care of your store.

5- Pay attention to your store’s lighting

It is essential to staging your various items and products for sale. Professionals play with lighting, spotlights, and ceiling lights to highlight certain areas of your room.

6- Arrangement

All the products must be highlighted in your delicatessen, although they are varied and numerous. You can set up various pieces of furniture with the help of store layout professionals: display cases, ladders, presentation podiums, bottle displays, or reception counters.

7- Set up a florist shop

When entering a florist shop, customers think they are discovering a sumptuous, colorful, and illuminated setting. Remember to make a personalized layout according to the surface and configuration of your room. Use suitable furniture: Presentation columns, islands, or podiums.

8- Arrange a ready-to-wear store

The layout of your store must be harmonious to make it easier to find clothes, shoes, or fashion accessories. Consider installing functional furniture: sales counter, shelf, presentation table, jewelry display, fitting room. Use different colors and coatings for each spoke.

9- Arrange a pharmacy

you must arrange your sales area with delicacy and ingenuity. Each product must be visible to you and your customers. Install custom-made gondolas and shelves to neatly display medications, diagnostics, and food supplements.

10- Arrange a two-wheeled store

Although two-wheeled vehicles are bulky, you must set up your store to ensure elegance and accessibility. Use suitable shelving to showcase each item: bikes, motorcycles, and accessories.

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