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TOEFL Or GRE Which One To Choose For Us College Admissions?

We often hear about English proficiency tests such as TOEFL, GRE, and IELTS, etc in regards to US college admissions for immigrant students. Given how widely popular these tests are, there is also much confusion about the information of these tests. 

Unlike, help me with homework answers, this article has covered some major bullet points. And these points will hopefully clear some of your doubts regarding TOEFL and GRE.

Let’s get into it.

First, let’s see what TOEFL is all about:


  • What Is TOEFL?

TOEFL is a test of English as a foreign language. As the name suggests, it is a language proficiency skill test. And if you are from a non-native country you have to score in TOEFL to apply for an English-speaking country’s college or university. 

Most US colleges require their international students to have a minimum TOEFL score set by them. 

  • What Does It Measure?

TOEFL assesses your comprehension skills in the English language. It has four components structure- reading, writing, listening, and speaking comprehension. You can look for some homework assignment help in TOEFL prep.

You will need to score between 0-30 in each of the four sections, making an overall 0-120 in the total score.  

But each college has a different minimum score set for its students. So, you have to check with the administration about how much you need to score. And focus on that target.

  • Who Needs To Give TOEFL?

TOEFL is important for any student who wants to land admission in an academic institution whether it is high school or a research program, in an English native country like the US, UK, etc. 

And the score is acceptable for two years.


2. GRE:

  • What Is GRE

Unlike TOEFL, GRE is a graduate school entrance exam. Mainly, as the name suggests, Graduate Record Examinations, test your ability in handling graduate-level coursework. 

If you seek a “help me with homework answers”, you can find some decent online resources to prepare for GRE.

  • What Does It Measure?

GRE has three major sections to test the students’ abilities. They are Analytical Writing, Quantitative Reasoning, and Verbal Reasoning. The total scoring scale is 130-170. And top colleges look for in the range of score 160s.

Over 160 countries have online test centers for GRE and millions of students appear each year. There are some online homework helper guys who can offer GRE help for students.

  • Who Needs To Give It?

As mentioned in the above points, if you are applying for a graduate program in the US, you need to take the GRE. 

But you need to check with your school on what is the minimum qualifying score and which test to take.

Most research-based programs require GRE scores, but business school and law school require other tests than GRE.

So, it is better to check before to make sure.

Final Question:

How To Choose One For Yourself?

TOEFL and GRE may seem similar but they have fundamental differences in them. Both these tests are for the purpose of qualifying international students for US admissions. 

But GRE is focused on graduate school programs and has Math questions tested in Numerical reasoning, unlike TOEFL. Whereas TOEFL is a language proficiency test which every school may require if you are from a non-native English country. You may need to ask to help me with homework answers.

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It may happen that you need to take both tests to apply for your Student Visa.

In conclusion, you need to check with your desired school for the required tests you need to take. 

Hope this helps.

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