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Top 10 Effective Pest Control Service Tips for your Home

Pest problems are one of the worst nightmares for any house owners because these  creatures not only cause structural damage to the property but also pose threats to family’s health.  So an absolute essential thing is to keep these pests like mosquitoes, bugs, ants, rats, termites etc away, but be in action mode if they have already entered. Worrying how? Don’t worry; we are here to help you out with our top 10 effective pest control tips for your home.  Although the most effective way is to go for a professional pest control service because pests can be prevented or reduced to a sustainable extent but not fully eliminated by you only.

But before you go ahead for any pest control service try these tips:

Keep your Home Clean

Home hygiene is the first and foremost way of pest control at your home. Fewer pests are found where places are found clean. Pests thrive in dirty and damp atmosphere and to avoid the infestation you must maintain a clean and dry environment. So follow up with cleanliness routine inside your home, which mainly includes your bedroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning and bathroom cleaning.

Bedroom Cleaning

Start your drive with the bedroom. Sweep and swab on a daily basis because dirt can be an invitation for pests. Keep open the windows to allow the sunlight to enter your room as moisture attracts pests, whether it is your wooden bed, sofa or window, keeping them moist-free will definitely discourage the termites to grow and reproduce. Periodically clean the surfaces of the cupboards, wardrobes table, or desk with a dry cloth, in this way you are also disturbing the places where pests might be considering making a home. Also ensure the curtains, mattresses, bedsheets and blankets are washed in timely and keep insects out of your house.

Kitchen Cleaning

Righty said as the kitchen is the “Heart” of the house it deserves the special attention of maintaining cleanliness. Always clean the kitchen counters, stove-tops, racks and drawers as some food crumbs or leftovers might be a host to several pests, wiping them regularly with a disinfectant cleaner removes this probability. Putting all the food scraps, crumbs, peels and sealing them preferably in a paper keep pests like flies, at bay. Some pests such as Rodents have an excellent sense of smell, therefore leaving the food uncovered might be an open invitation to these ‘Pantry pests’. Store them in tightly sealed metal or plastic containers so that they have no access to it. Washing all the dishes, cups, utensils every night after having a meal is important as they get attracted to food scraps sticking on them. Following this food hygiene will help you control pests effectively.

Bathroom Cleaning

The above cleaning rule applies to your bathroom as well, which many a times people ignore. Keep it clean and dry. Try washing your sink with a bathroom cleaner once in a week, removing the stains from toilet seat is important. Ensure that the drain is not clogged with hairs or other soap particles. Wipe the faucet handles using a sponge or cloth. Don’t forget to close the taps and shower after use because regular dripping of water builds up a layer of dirt and grime which later becomes a home to drain flies.

Pruning Trees and Shrubs Touching our House.

Tress and bigger plants are shelters to various crawling insects and other pests as they provide them with a more dense shelter.  The extended branches touching your house acts as “Bridge” to these crawling pests. Therefore cutting them gives less room to hide.

Additionally, unpruned tress will harbor more moisture, especially from morning dew and after rainfall, and this is what pests love!

Disallow stagnant water if you want to prevent mosquito problems.

Weather it is your cooler or unused tyres left inside or outside of house, never allow water to stand. . Eliminate water from Refridgetors and Air-conditioners on a regular basis and always remember to spot and fix leakeages in them. Discard empty cans, bottles that collect water. This water is a breeding ground to mosquitoes which are potential carriers of water-borne-diseases like malaria and dengue

Sealing helps in Entering Harmful Insects.

Seal doors and windows.

We need to ensure that all our doors, glasses and window panes are properly sealed. These big opening acts as an entrance to the unwelcomed creatures, they wiggle through them. So, it is important to regularly inspect any warped or broken doors and windows and repair the tears in the mosquito screen or mesh.

Seal cracks, crevices and holes.

Doors and windows are not the only place that can have tiny openings. Crevices and other gaps provide entry points for the tiniest of pests that are capable of squeezing through. Bed bugs, ants, rats just need 1 cm gap to enter. So, have a check for the foundation cracks, loose siding and gaps around electric wiring and if found, fix them immediately.

Add Mosquito screens

During summers we are tempted to leave our doors and windows open for some fresh air. While this is definitely the easiest way to ventilate in hot and humid weather and also the time when mosquitoes, flies and insects enter.  So, fixing screens on doors and windows can be a great pest control measure. You can use a mosquito screen or a fine wire mesh to stop them from coming in. Seal any opening with mosquito mesh. Checking these screens regularly for tears should be maintained.

Dispose garbage properly

Storing the trashes in covered containers and disposing them regularly is a crucial pest control practice. Accumulation of garbage in your house can lead to cockroaches, rats and other pest infestations. Dispose the garbage every single day to make that place less attractive for pests to thrive.

Keep the area outside your house clean

If you have a garden or a lawn then maintainance of the same plays a key role in keeping these creatures out. Fill the pits where water accumulation is a possibility. Getting rid of the stagnant water in garden, cleaning the pool water or unclogging the rain gutters are other effective pest control measures. Trim those bushy plant which provides a hiding spot for insects. This practice of keeping the areas clean, nearby your house will aid your pest control drive for a longer period.

De-clutter your home

An old yet effective pest control tip is to organize your house well. For instance you need to throw away old and unused items like old newspapers,, cardboards, old and weary shoes, torn luggage, old cloths because these items serve as hot spots for insects and germs. So the more clutter you have the more home they will get. Getting rid of this mess will not only reduce the possibility of pest entering into the house but also makes your house look clean and organized.

Sanitize your home periodically

Some germs and pests like termites are stubborn and even after taking necessary precaution they are hard to detect. For instance the corners of your room and other darker places are mostly left untouched. Therefore regular inspection of these areas and sanitizing them on a periodic basis makes sure you get a pest free home. You may consider getting help from professionals for proper sanitization so that there is a less possibility for their dwelling.

Get help from professional Pest control services

While the above mentioned tips can help you prevent and reduce the pests to some extent but not helpful in completely eliminating them. So the most effective pest control method is to seek professional help to get your job done. Pest control professionals will help you get rid of all kind of pest problems.  Pest control service professionals are well trained for the task, they will explain you various treatment methods and will also advise you on home hygiene and pest prevention.

Pest control service ensures the use safe pesticides with along with other precautionary measures. So, you don’t have to worry about you and your family members getting affected. There are several professional companies provide affordable pest control service along with assured results.

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