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Top 15 Best CRM Campaign Management Software of 2022

Facing the competition with your competitors in business is always unstoppable but you don’t need to step aside for not showing a great campaign to parse prospects. Get involved with some exceptional Campaign management software that has bundles of advantages for a business to make it compelling. 

Let us share today a fact and that is- Every business can change with astonishing speed. This is true because you don’t know the strategy your competitor adapted. This is why we are going to write this blog to help you to achieve the goal of getting engaged with the customers or attracting new prospects to turn them into regular customers. You start running on every step to achieve this but let us tell you that your business needs “Marketing campaign software”. Every race you can win whether it’s about catching up with customers or if it is about reinforcing your business. Let us share first the definition-

What is Campaign management software?

Campaign management software or you can say campaign management tool is considered to be the best choice for every venture if they want to analyze their campaign, want to automate their task, reporting process, and everything regarding campaign activity. What about the promotion? It is a perfect choice for the promotion matter where it can complete this process via integration with customer’s data sources. It has the ability to grab crucial data from a different range for your organization.

If you imagine customers are fish and you just want to parse the right fish for your business then, of course. CRM Campaign management software assists you. It is important to study that fish so can you do that?. Thanks to Campaign management tools for handling this daunting task. 

Now the question can be raised “How many or what are those marketing campaign management software”?. We are going to enlist the best software for you which keeps your business strong regarding marketing activities. Let’s make a fresh start                                      

List of campaign manager software to flash your marketing work

  • Infor CRM software

At present, one of the most popular marketing campaign software for business enhancement and the name is Infor CRM. What role does software play for you? Well, this campaign software is best for managing information and contacts, campaign, strong relationship with customers, and much more. 

The sales and Marketing industry strives for this software first where they can reap some advanced features of it. Some of its great features were it lets you execute a custom campaign, is helpful for multiple marketing channels, is easy to track budget campaigns, etc. Want an update on the revenue of your business? Thanks to Infor CRM software for this.

  • NetSuite CRM+

The next marketing campaign software for your business we would suggest is NetSuite CRM+ which is a complete structure of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. 

Some of its special features that can enrich your experience were: Sales force automation, e-commerce, marketing analytics, and much more for your organization’s growth. The software is especially for the small size business and for mid-sized organizations. It’s very simple and creative to make a campaign where you can drive the leads that you need.

  • Microsoft Dynamic CRM Online

Let’s move on to the next software for your job which works for you by using the Microsoft suite. This campaign management tool will enable the venture by offering the feature of sales and marketing automation, customer service, customer support, etc. And do you know what is the best part of this Microsoft Dynamic CRM online? 

It has an integrated solution as you already understood the importance of Integration in our previous blog and here integration helps you for tracking leads, maintaining your sales, automated field service, etc.

  • Salesforce Sales cloud

You already understood why Salesforce is a basic requirement for business growth. You must set your mind for adapting now to the marketing campaign software called Salesforce Sales cloud-articlewine. 

It is the best example for tracking up the company information where you can note down which part is organized better. If you are running your sales and marketing business then no need to think twice, just put your hands on this dominant software. The software is not only easy to use but also easy to set up for your organization to grow.


If we move on to the next CRM Campaign management software then we will share the SAP CRM software. Why? The software is best for the Sales business where they can manage and maintain the sales pipeline and also it has built-in sales automation, marketing automation, help desk, customer support and much more. 

Isn’t it great software to give you a flawless experience? Let us tell you one important thing about this software it supports on-premise installation and also cloud hosting. You can improve your marketing campaign via data visualization or with the help of multi-touch attribution.

  • Pega CRM

This is something unprecedented as Pega CRM, one of the campaign management tools is well-known to present the live reporting and even mobile compatible platform where it enables you to check out reports and modify accounts clearly. 

And the special thing about this advanced software is, it upgrades its products and keeps changing if required. You must start working on this software where it can create and deliver personalized messages to your customers.

  • SugarCRM Marketing software

We are talking about the CRM systems marketing software then how can we avoid this superior software called SugarCRM as you all know its importance in day-to-day business. The software called SugarCRM is already integrated with much third-party software to ease your problems. 

Also, if the marketing entrepreneur is paying attention to this blog then let us clear to you that this software enables monitoring your employee activity and sales activity too. The software is easy to use for your work.

  • Adzooma Campaign management software

Reading out the above campaign software for making a marketing campaign more effective and compelling. Let us share one more profit-boosting software that is Adzooma.

When using this superior software for business development regarding marketing. You can see some of its features like Multi-campaign, channel management, event-triggered action, etc. If we talk about marketing automation here then you can make use of social marketing, search marketing, dynamic content, sales intelligence, and much more.

  • Bitrix24 campaign manager software

We want to share one more interesting software, especially for the small business that helps you to grow more in your marketing concept and that is Bitrix24. Why?

The software is special for working on email marketing to parse humongous customers, lead management can do multi-campaign, event-triggered actions. And many enable your business to learn more and work positively with some of these outstanding features. You can do account-based marketing here which offers you features like progress tracking, campaign personalization, etc.

  • Zoho campaigns Software

Don’t think so to share any introduction about Zoho which is a well-known name in the CRM industry. It has Zoho campaign marketing software for you which has a bundle of advantages and we want to share with you. 

Features like- channel management, email marketing, lead management, multi-campaign, and contact database are ready to assist you to take your campaign activity to its peak. This CRM campaign software works better on email marketing where it offers you auto-responder, reporting, and drip campaigns.

  • Tracking desk software

Well, there was an abundance of software for your campaign but what you need to bear in mind is choosing the correct one for your organization. Next to the CRM campaign tool, we would like to highlight is the Tracking Desk which is suitable for every kind of business whether it’s small, medium, or large scale. 

When going to work on this software then you can have smart traffic routing, can go for conversion tracking, email marketing, lead management, social media marketing and there were many others. They have pre-built templates which is a plus point for you to go for this.

  • SocialPilot CRM Campaign management software

It’s time to think about social media efficiency and if looking to improve it then make sure you have this CRM campaign software in your work. Why is it so important? It can automate post scheduling and has great marketing tools for small ventures, channel management, multi-campaign, etc. 

You can put your hands on its social media analytics tools and those are influencer tracking, engagement tracking, and lead attribution. The software is effective and designed in such a way that you can quickly learn how to operate it.

  • Madgicx CRM campaign software

Reading out some crucial and powerful Campaign management software for your campaign work-articlewine activity, let’s add on one more tool and that is Madgicx. Why is it needed in your business? It is basically used by many advertisers for their work activity regarding ads were no time wastage for optimizing ads. 

Some more exceptional features it has like- multi-campaign, channel management, can do mobile marketing with the assistance of channel attribution. Also suitable for social media marketing where it can offer you Analytics and Post schedules. 

  • Mindmatrix campaign management system

Another sales and marketing activity software that guarantees to boost your sale and uplifts your organization swiftly. Mindmatrix campaign management software can complete your work with ease and you don’t need to put extra effort into your sales and campaign work. 

It is well-known for report generation which is not only easy to use but also user-friendly. The tool has the feature of marketing automation where it can offer you social marketing, search marketing, ROI Tracking, Drip campaign work, etc.

  • Pitchbox CRM Campaign management

The last one which we want to present here is especially for the SEO-articlewine purpose and the name is Pitchbox. SEO agencies for the link-building matter send a personalized email to customers, saves your precious time to scale your outreach, etc. 

We mentioned that this software is best for SEO matters. Let us expound to you that it gives you much better advantages regarding rank tracking, dashboard, and link management. Furthermore, it is helpful for influencer marketing where it presents influencer discovery, campaign management, etc.

Final thoughts

We don’t know what your business is but this is the fact that you will work on a marketing campaign once to grow your organization in the present and future both. Today’s era is full of great technology and dominant software which can confuse you with choosing which is accurate for business development. If we talk about the campaign work to catch the prospects and turn them into your personal customers, you need stellar marketing campaign management software according to your work profile. We don’t think so explaining 3-4 or enough so we have shared the top 15 which have real features. You can examine now how many are perfect for your goals.  

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