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Top 5 Actionable Technical SEO Tips to Boost Your Traffic

Search Engine Optimization tends to ensure your website is visible on SERPs. Out of the many aspects of SEO, the technical part is crucial. Technical SEO lays the technical foundation of any website. It incorporates factors like website performance, indexing, and crawling. It is not easy, but here we will explain what points to keep in mind while working on technical SEO. Read on to know more!

Technical SEO at a glance:

Technical SEO is all about the technical factors involved in a webpage ranking on a search engine. For web pages to rank high on SERPs, technical SEO is mandatory to take care of. It incorporates all the factors that make a website faster, easy to crawl, and easy to read for the search engines. Technical SEO falls under on-page optimization, which intends to improve the elements that can help the ranking website.

Why is it important?

Technical SEO is the primary reason behind the search engine spiders crawling to your site. It assesses and analyzes those factors which make the crawlers find your website and crawl it. Despite your content’s quality, you will face ranking problems if your technical SEO has unresolved issues. To resolve problems like these, SEO professionals help businesses rank high. These professionals assist you in identifying issues in technical aspects and resolving them. For the better performance of your website, you need to work on the following elements.

1. Employ Secure Socket Layer (SSL):

The secure socket layer carries unmatchable importance when we talk about technical SEO. A secure socket layer is a security certificate that acts as an encrypted link between browser and server. Also known as SSL, these security encryption certificates are very crucial for security purposes. Apart from security matters, they also assist your web page in ranking. So, businesses must get SSL certificates for a secured website and performance. Google announced, back in 2014, that we are going to give preference to HTTPS over Non-HTTPS. From this point, it is very clear that employing an SSL certificate will enhance your web page’s performance and security.

2. Make sure your website is Mobile-friendly:

If your website is responsive on every device, it has a greater chance of ranking. Most of the websites lack this property. Their web pages fail to navigate when opened with different devices. For any website to rank high on search engines, responsiveness is the key element to take care of. Designing a responsive website means it will be navigated and opened easily on every device. Responsive web design changes itself, so it tends to be explored and searched effectively on all kinds of devices. Businesses usually struggle with this point. For a responsive and SEO-friendly website, enterprises need to hire professional SEO companies in Dubai. They render professional services at affordable prices.

3. Generate XML sitemap:

An XML sitemap is a rundown of all web pages of your site. It acts as a guide for web crawlers on your webpage. Generating an XML sitemap ensures the web crawler does not miss any significant substance out on your website. The XML sitemap consists of posts, pages, and categories. Moreover, it also incorporates the number of images and the modification date for every webpage. Having an XML sitemap is not highly mandatory since there often exists internal linking. But for a frail-structured website, XML is beneficial. SEO companies always tend to take care of these aspects. They never miss out on essential things that can affect your website performance.

4. Conduct frequent technical SEO audits:

A periodic audit of the technical aspects is very important to avoid any mishaps. A Technical SEO audit lets you know if something is going wrong. The audit ensures that everything works properly. Professional SEO companies can conduct a thorough audit of your website. They can point out the general issues that stop the crawlers from getting into your web pages. It also highlights the possible opportunities available to improve your website performance. While auditing, you must check factors like URL structure, internal linking, and page speed.

5. Take care of the Metadata:

The Metadata that matter the most are the Meta title and description. A Meta description contains a few words that occur on SERPs. Meta title and description get the first look from the searcher’s eye. Try not to stuff too many words in the title and description. Each site page must have a unique title tag and Meta description that catches the eye.

Taking care of these technical aspects is very crucial. Businesses should consult professional SEO companies for their search engine optimization. Whether doing SEO or conducting an audit, these companies know their work and are the best players. Visit for more technical guides and SEO industry knowledge to boost your online business and improve search engine ranking.

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