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Top 5 Best Credit Cards For Travel

Top 5 Best Credit Cards For Travel: When traveling, it is important not only to map out the path and select points of interest. You should have a convenient means of payment in any city. And such a means can be a bank card. The best options allow you to profitably convert rubles into currency without looking for exchange offices. And they provide many additional benefits. But not all cards are equally convenient.

That is why we have compiled a list of the best credit cards for those who are going to travel. It includes the most successful options. When looking for plastic for travel, it is necessary to take into account several parameters at once: conversion rate, availability of benefits, cashback.

Remember that credit cards almost always have a high cash withdrawal fee. But if you need borrowed funds abroad, then a credit one will do, provided that you will not withdraw money. Also, when compiling the rating, reviews of travelers were taken into account. If you travel by train and want to know how to print a train ticket then you can see the print train ticket using the PNR number.

The Top 5 Best Travel Credit Cards Are:

  1. Tinkoff All Airlines Black Edition
  2. Tinkoff Platinum
  3. Euroset Corn
  4. Alfa-Bank Alfa Travel Premium
  5. Raiffeisenbank Travel Rewards

For a quick comparison, we have compiled a table of cards, which shows their main characteristics. For details, be sure to read the description of each card below.

1. Tinkoff All Airlines Black Edition.

Award card with a mile program. It will cost 1,490 rubles a month. But you can use it for free if you keep 3 million in bank accounts or spend at least 200 thousand rubles.

In addition to the standard privileges of premium cards, the bank provides a personal manager, concierge services, and gift insurance for the owner and his family for 100 thousand dollars for travel. The credit limit is huge – up to 2 million rubles. Moreover, the minimum rate is quite low – only 12%.

The card works with the bank’s mile program. Cashback is credited for all purchases. It is counted in the form of miles – for every 100 rubles, you will receive a refund of at least 1%. For booking a room in a hotel or hostel, as well as for renting a car, you can get up to 10%, and for tickets – up to 5%.

For partners, the size of the cashback can be up to 30%. You can get money from ATMs for free, but only up to 100 thousand rubles a month. More and more are subject to a 2% commission. I am glad that you do not need to pay for SMS-informing.

The disadvantage can be considered the absence of other currencies, except for the ruble – when used abroad, you will have to spend money on conversion (Central Bank + 2%). However, almost all the difference will be covered by cashback. In the reviews, many say that the card is profitable, even despite the course.

2. Tinkoff Platinum

The classic Tinkoff Bank credit card is very beneficial when traveling. But this is not a complete “Platinum”, but only the name – MasterCard World is taken as a basis. Thanks to a good cashback, you can take this ruble card with you – losses during currency exchange will be minimal.

The cost of the service is 590 rubles per year – taking into account the fact that there is only one platinum name on the card, the cost is quite acceptable.

Conveniently, there is a cashback for all product categories – at least 1%. And you can also buy goods on special offers of the bank – then the return starts from 3%.

Shopping from partners allows you to increase cashback up to 30%. There is no international payment. Tinkoff uses its own currency conversion rate, which exceeds the rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation by 2%.

I am not happy that transaction notifications will cost 59 rubles per month. If you withdraw cash from an ATM, you will have to pay 2.9% of the amount plus 290 rubles on top – and this is a minus. However, for such a price, the “platinum” card fully meets expectations.

3. Euroset Corn

The Kukuruza MasterCard PayPass is a good option. It has almost no downsides compared to most other passes. Plastic is serviced for 250 rubles per year and has practically no commission. Card issuer – Payment center RNCO.

Since the organization is not a bank, deposits in it are not insured in any way. The card allows you to get a credit limit of up to 300 thousand rubles with a grace period of 55 days. But the percentages are high – from 28.9% and above.

There is no cross-border transfer fee. We convert rubles into dollars or euros – at the exchange rate of the Central Bank so that you do not have to overpay for services. It is interesting that SMS-informing got into the service of the card. You will not be able to withdraw money without a commission – you will have to pay at least 1% on your own funds.

And credit – at a high interest rate – not less than 4.9% (from 400 rubles). It is convenient to have informative Internet banking with a mobile application. Cashback is 1.5% for any purchases. If you enable the Double Benefit option, its size will grow to 3%. For partners, the yield sometimes reaches 20%.

There is only one drawback – the card can only have a ruble account. Therefore, it is better not to take to countries whose currency differs from the euro or the dollar. For such situations, cards with accounts in foreign currency and similar conditions are more suitable. And for simple trips, judging by the reviews, Corn is ideal.

4. Alfa-Bank Alfa Travel Premium.

An expensive premium card with corresponding privileges. This pleasure costs 5,000 per month (Premium package with a free first card), plus you have to pay 4,990 rubles a year for the plastic itself.

In addition to the standard bonuses for cards of this type, there are many additional bonuses in it – in particular, discounts on taxis and car rental, free internet, and so on.

The “Concierge” service should be highlighted separately: the bank will provide a personal manager who will carry out personal orders. Interestingly, the credit limit “for everyone” is 1 million. And the rate starts at 23.99% per annum.

You can open the card in foreign currency (dollars / euros / francs / pounds). Withdrawing money from ATMs in other countries is free. Visa Signature allows you to enter VIP areas of airports. The bank provides extended insurance for the cardholder and his family with an insured amount of up to 150 thousand euros.

The bonus program is designed for people who spend a lot of money. Starting from 10 thousand rubles per month, cashback miles (which can be spent on tickets or hotels) for any purchases will be 2%. From 70 thousand – 3%. And from 100 thousand – 5%. Moreover, if you buy tickets and book hotels on the card’s website, the refund will rise to 11%.

If you need to change the currency from the ruble to the dollar or euro, the loss on the cross-border payment will be an additional 2.5%. If you use a card in a specific currency in the country where it is used, then there will be no additional commission.

5. Raiffeisenbank Travel Rewards.

A credit card especially for those who are constantly traveling. Has a good limit – up to 600 thousand rubles. But the percentage is not encouraging – from 27% per annum. The main advantage is the ability to issue an additional card for one account for free. Abroad, this can be very convenient if you are going on vacation with your family.

Withdrawing cash from someone else’s ATM is subject to a commission of 3.9% of the amount, plus 390 rubles. Fixed cashback – 1 ruble for every 30 rubles spent, that is, just over 3% of the amount. Servicing a credit card will cost 2990 rubles per year. At the same time, mobile information and online banking are free.

The card account can only be in rubles. Therefore, you will have to pay an additional 1.65% for an international payment. Currency conversion takes place at the Central Bank rate + 1.5% from Raiffeisenbank. The total losses will be more than 3%, which is not very profitable. So take care of the correct map beforehand.

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