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Top 6 Types of Apartments You Should Know About

There is a wide variety of apartments in the world. An apartment is a self-contained set of living or sleeping quarters. The variety of types of apartments are vast. There are hundreds of ways you could live in an apartment, but no matter how big or small the space. There are so many options available when looking for apartments in Thrissur that choosing the right one is often difficult. This article gives you an overview of the most common types of apartments.

1. Pent House



Penthouses are just the uppermost apartments of a building that contains other apartments. The word penthouse itself, though, is often used in a broader sense to refer to any apartment with special features.

Though the term penthouse originally referred to the top floor of an apartment building, nowadays it’s often used for any apartment on higher ground than the rest of the complex. This includes not only actual penthouses but also apartment units located on the top floor or near it a building with multiple floors.

Apartments located above ground level are not necessarily considered penthouses.

2. Low-rise Apartments


Low-rise apartments, especially in complexes with dedicated parking, are the most convenient living arrangement for car-free families. They’re also one of the cheapest options available to car-free families that don’t want to live in an apartment building without a lease.

Low-rise apartments are apartments that aren’t in high-rise buildings. Some of them are in buildings that are actually below ground level. They tend to be much cheaper than any other kind of apartment, and they tend to be close to transit lines.

They can be less convenient than higher-rise apartment buildings in some ways, though. The building management has less control over entry and exit times, so you have more responsibility for being considerate about noise and trash disposal. It’s easy to see why people with children would prefer a more controlled environment with a cleaner common space and a safer playground. But for a family without children – or even without teenagers – these disadvantages can be outweighed by the advantages of low-rise apartments.

3. Mid-rise Apartments

Mid-rise apartments are the most affordable choice in most parts of the country.

If you are buying a house, mid-rise apartments are often your best bet. They are cheaper than houses, and often nicer too. The catch is that they are harder to find because they are mostly built for people who rent them out rather than living in them.

For an apartment, you want something with four walls and a ceiling, so it doesn’t have to be tall to get lots of space. A two-story building can have twice as many apartments as a one-story building, for the same cost. Many people prefer living on two levels rather than just one or having their bedrooms upstairs rather than downstairs. Unfortunately, zoning rules usually limit buildings to just one story.

But if you are building an apartment block anyway, it’s often cheaper to build two floors and form apartments out of them than it is to build one floor and leave the extra space empty for “storage.” So some developers do that: they build a mid-rise building instead of a low-rise one.

4. High Rise Apartments

High-rise apartments (apartments with 15 or more floors) also offer some big advantages, especially if you like the city and want to be able to get around without a car. They tend to be closer to the centre of town than low-rise apartments. And because they are taller, they can have bigger windows that lookout for more interesting views than low-rise apartments.

High Rise apartments also tend to have more amenities than low-rise apartments, such as pools and gyms, and more security features.

But high rise apartments come with some drawbacks. They are more expensive than low-rise apartments and less likely to allow pets. And you tend to lose several square feet in living space for every floor you gain in height.

Finally, many people find high-rise apartments less attractive: they might not like the feeling of being in a tall building, or might not like having neighbours right above or below them. If you’re considering a high-rise apartment, it’s probably best to visit it in person before making a decision.

5. Duplex Apartment 


A duplex apartment is a two-story apartment, on two levels. On one floor, the living room area and the kitchen area are joined together. On the other floor, there are two rooms, one above the other.

Some duplex apartments have the same layout on both floors; others have different layouts on each floor. When they have different layouts, it is often possible to move furniture between the upper and lower floors; it depends on the specific apartment.

Duplex apartments can also be referred to as two-story apartments; in fact, this is more accurate in some cases because some duplex apartments (especially those that are not very fancy) don’t really require a second story. If you think of a duplex as a kind of building, rather than a kind of apartment, then these would be referred to as two-story buildings. there are several apartments you can choose from flats in Calicut.

The advantage of the duplex arrangement is that you get twice as much space (in total volume) for roughly twice as much rent (in total money). The disadvantage is that you only get half as much privacy: if your upstairs neighbour decides to stomp around at 3 am, you’re going to hear it just like they do.

6. Studio Apartments


A studio apartment is a great choice if you need minimal space. It is also a good choice if you like to spend time alone or like to entertain guests. Many people rent studio apartments because it is the only type of apartment they can afford.

Studio apartments are small and usually come with a kitchenette. A studio apartment has one main room that is used as the bedroom, living area, and dining area. The kitchenette is usually a part of the main room, although some have a separate kitchen. There is not much storage space in a studio apartment, so it’s important to keep your things organized and find creative ways to store items.

Studio apartments are a type of apartments which often found in urban areas where space is at a premium. In addition, many college students choose this type of apartment due to its low cost and small size. Some cities have special permits for studio apartments as an incentive to provide housing for those who need minimum living space.

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