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Top Lead Research Tools

For every business, it is indeed necessary to perform lead research before the sales pitch or follow up with your prospects. Lead generation has a vital role in the growth of your business. Discovering leads and closing deals is not easy, and it is a time-consuming task.

However, many businesses find them, but it’s hard to find the ones that fit your business. Fortunately, we have a sufficient amount of tools that can quicken the entire process of lead research and generation.

Let’s dive into some of the essential lead research tools used by some successful marketers:

  • Discoverly


Discoverly is a free social networking tool for anyone desiring to grow their business. It is primarily useful for those who might want to appear for a sales presentation or looking for a professional introduction to a lead.

Discoverly enables the user to collect information quickly when using social media platforms like LinkedIn and helps in saving time. The user can install the free Google Chrome plug-in and start browsing your social networks as usual.

Now you can see on which social channels your target buyers are living on hover over the small icon near to the profile’s name and get immediate access to the information.

  • My Tweets

More qualified leads attract more customers, which results in constant progress in your profit graph. That’s where a B2B lead generation and research app like My Tweets can be handy.

My Tweets is a fast, free, and user-friendly Twitter app with which people can view all the tweets from any Twitter user on a single dashboard. Users can log in with their Twitter credentials. They can find all the tweets, search, and archive their old tweets. The platform is built-in with XML feeds, where all the latest activities, along with the time stamp, can be viewed.


Other great features include lead research, lead generation, personal use, and archiving Twitter messages for research. It is developed in Core PHP, has a MySQL database, and is hosted on the AWS server so that it could provide fast responses to the users without any delay.

  • Linkedin Sales Navigator


LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a paid social selling platform for B2B sales professionals introduced by LinkedIn. You can easily find, discover, and filter the right prospects based on your preferences and enhance your network.


It provides relevant information that helps to gain a more in-depth insight into leads and prospects and build a trusted relationship. This way, it allows the business teams to engage with the right leads and accounts within the LinkedIn platform. Users can also engage with their contacts by giving personalized content, customization, discounts, and offers.

  • Nimble CRM Lead Research Tools

Nimble is an excellent CRM application that enables you to grab relevant social information of your prospects from your preferred social media network and add them to your contact data. It also highlights possibilities for you to engage with your prospects, based on their importance to your business.

It has a beneficial mobile app, also with which the user can view, update, and manage critical contact information. Its key features include Contact management, Social listening, A single Inbox for social signals and messages, Sales and marketing.

  • Clickworker

Clickworker is designed to provide the best lead research services that allow you to find the right leads to enhance your business at your fingertips.

The Clickworker performs research on the Internet and databases to find leads that suit your target customer profiles, collect their contact information, and organize into a user-friendly format.

best lead research services

It takes time to learn about your business, products, and services, which allow them to understand you better. Their lead research services are also available in multiple languages and countries.

If you want to grow your business, then you need a consistent supply of qualified leads. So spend your time wisely to find qualified leads using the lead research tools and understand more about the person or company that you’re trying to pitch and more likely to get a sale.

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